Sunday, August 02, 2009

Our American Vision

I want to talk of our America. It is a land of shared values bound by the wisdom of our founding fathers. We are not a people that share an ethnicity, we share values and ideals.

Our country was founded as a response to Monarchism. It was a grand experiment where the colonist sought to preserve and improve on existing right. The basis of our rights is on an individual
basis. We have these rights on the basis of our shared humanity.

The key concept to understanding America is intellectual freedom. Thus Mr Beamish and I may disagree on a policy or two but we understand that we both want the best for our country. This concept is the glue that binds all of us together in Amercanism.

My America does not have second class citizens. All of us must have equal opportunities and racial supremacy of any type is anathema to our shared values. I am frankly amazed at racial power kooks pretending they are more Christian or American than the rest of us. Sorry, but Mr Beamish, AOW, TMW and many fine Conservatives post here and none of them have ever supported any of this KKK nonesense. Christianity like Americanism is open to all who wish to join.

What does being an American mean to you? What is your vision?

I am preparing some tums in advance for the response of the Duck. Hopefully, it will have no obscure film references.

Many of the readers her have known me over five years. My bio is consistent and I have maintained a consistent set of ideas and a patriotic vision.The notion as promoted by Nazis and the insane that I am a far left radical is fairly comedic given bio as a Cold Warrior. The claims that I am a Gay activist or a secret homosexual are amusing to Justin and Rob. I am comfortable
with who I am and if I were Gay I would state so. Interestingly, AOW did talk with Sunbeam for a moment.

This rather insane woman has made the following claims

1) I am an Apache
2) I am Black
3) I renounced my Judaism
4) I am Gay
5) I sleep with any woman I can. ( 90% of guys do this. I respect my relationship with Sunbeam)
6) I am Mexican
7) I work for NYPD
8) I am a social worker

Perhaps the only things this deranged lunatic has not stated is that I seek amorous relationships
with the house plants. As the house plants are Cacti this would be a dangerous endeavor.


Always On Watch said...

Me support the KKK? Hell no!

What does being an American mean to you? What is your vision?

Short list:

The first 10 amendments.

The right to enjoy the fruits of my labors without being taxed to death.

Enjoying various cultures -- take what's good and leave behind the rest.

Freedom of choice in education.

I sure would like to see some statesmen with integrity instead of a bunch of self-serving, elitist politicians.

A country with a foreign policy which doesn't undercut our national sovereignty.

Ducky's here said...

Still can't quite quit Gay Eagle, eh Beak?

Come on, you can do it. It's a psycho den.

CM said...


I feel bad to think I may be contributing to her making these attacks on you, then I think.......naw its just her, she can't stop. Even if you or anyone ignores her, she still attacks. You or I or anyone will just want to speak back, it does no good with yeagleys never reprimanding her, its his site!

You are a strong Spirit to take what yeagley dishes out, NOT TO HER, but to you of all people! Ray, Paulus, and others are weaklings for not coming forward, but then what can they say, that isn't right there before the brilliant mans eyes????All I can derive from this, is she has him right where she wants him, she can do him in in a heartbeat, he knows it he has to accept it, but it makes him look like a damn fool, poor baby is all I can say, I really do care, and want the best for him. I thought for a few hours that she was not coming back to his site and staying with his enemy GMS, but nooooooooooo...she slithered back to attack you!


I apologize if I had anything to do with this, I just don't know what to say or do to make it right. Of course I can and will stop posting, no skin off my nose. I guess in the back of my mind, I knew I wouldn't be doing you any favors by posting, at first I just wanted to make things clear. Now she reads here and takes it to him....she is a cancer, she is his cancer! I wanted him to be FREE OF CANCER, I WANT HIM TO LIVE!

Goodbye, and sorry!


Justin said...

I don't just find it amusing that some one thinks you're a gay activist I find it laughable. I have to admit that your views regarding gays does leave some scratching their heads at times but an activist or even gay no, I dont think so.

As to your America of shared values. I grew up in that country when it existed but over time I have seen it withering on the vine. I grew up in an America where individualism was the norm and Poloticians actually protected American values not party line values.

I grew up in an America where the center of the communities were the Churches and they took care of the needy in the community. Communities came together when disaster struck and did not look to Washington to solve all their problems.

If a neighbor suffered a physical situation neighbors came together to help them through it all.

Over the years I have become more cynical and am not sure we will ever be able to recover that America you talk about. Neighbor helping neighbor and the keeping its nose out of the minute details of individual lives.

It has been brought to my attention that the one word you used "Founding Fathers" is actually under attack now. Liberals want it removed from our text books because it is paternalistic, chauvinistic and does not reflect the new American values.

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, looks like the Israeli foreign minister may have to resign in a corruption probe.

So that's where the welfare checks go.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, catch Gay Eagle's latest essay. He's close to coming out of the closet.

beakerkin said...


Do not be absurd. You are not responsible for Batty Ann's attacks. You and Naiche are always welcome here as friends.

Batty Ann is a psycho and a freak and causes more headaches for Yeagley than his foes combined. She is a vile evil, ignorant, disturbed person devoid of all social graces.

Yeagley can place any spin he wishes but she is directly at fault for the Yeagley is gay bs.
She is responsible for 90% of the attacks on him.

You are welcome where I hang my hat.

The Pagan Temple said...

I think I have a pretty good idea about this Betty Ann person. She sounds like a raceist groupie to me. I've known women like her all my life, and I can tell you for a near certainty, if you are ever drunk enough to go out with one of them, you need two things-

1. Massengill
2. Clorox

Beak, quit worrying about these damn people. You're not going to change them in any way until you learn to shoot lightning out of your fingertips. Why give them this much time?

Devon said...


I grew up around the same time as Justin and saw what he saw. Back then we had Statesmen who actually read the bills before signing them and knew what they said before they were passed. People cared what happened to others. When there was a friend that needed a ride Dad went and picked him up.
If people needed food there weren't always food banks but there were anways people that had a place set at the table for someone in case someone knocked on the door.