Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I would like to welcome Kuhnkat back to the blog. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Kuhnkat he mostly agrees with me, but sometimes does not.

I consider him a friend and a sparring partner.

If you would like to spar over the birther movement or my views on law this is the more appropriate forum to do so. My dispute with Yeagley is a matter that is separate from those topics.If you would like to discuss them here this is okay as well.

As a Jewish American Yeagley has made some very serious errors that rise to the level of gaffes if not outright antisemitism. Yeagley is not as he claims and there are many here including myself who learned that the hard way.

You are a welcomed friend and sometimes foil. Feel free to ask or comment as you like.

I will always back the vision of respected author David Horowitz. Yeagley at best was the Kato Kelin of FPM and not a serious author. I may disagree with Stephen Schwartz on many things but I respect his writing and vision.

Look at Yeagley's vision a tad more carefully and you will see it is more packaging than substance.

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Brooke said...

It'll be nice to see Kuhnkat back again!