Monday, August 17, 2009

If you are under 40 ignore this post

I have been listening to the Ventures and am just amazed at their skill. I understand instrumental rock is not a popular genre, but their sound is just amazing. What amazes me is their ability to create better instrumental versions of the songs that were made famous by other groups. I listened to the more famous version of the classics Wipe Out, Pipeline and Telstar by their original bands
and the Ventures versions and favored the Ventures versions. The Drummer Mel Taylor is just years better than almost any of his peers.

I have been listening to some odd groups of the 60's and mix records. I am amazed by the sounds of Del Shannon and his amazing keyboardist Max Crook. Crook never got credit for his pioneering work. When people hear Runaway today they just do not grasp how ahead of its time it was.

One can rally not listen to AC DC records between interviews. I save those CDS for when I am driving alone. When I drive with Sunbeam Peter & Gordon, Roy Orbison or any other of the 60's fare is more appropriate.


Anonymous said...

Telstar...haven't heard that one in a while.

CM said...


I'm over 40, but not 70/80 like bags tell over and over.

I just picked up Roy Orbison in fact on the road from Montana! Only the lonely, Indian Wedding, Blue Bayou, Oh Pretty woman, Dream Baby, My Prayer, Let the Good Times Roll, Crying.

I love the Rock and Roll & Country, never too old for "goot" music, except the kind yeagley plays(*I hate the fact that he is using real Spiritual ComancheIndians hyms, composed by Comanche elders for his classic bullcrap) sounds NOTHING close to how they are meant to be sung, they are in fact beautiful when sung by the Comanche!

I'm listening to Roy O. right now, typing to his beat...come baby let the "Goot" times roll.