Saturday, August 08, 2009

Immigration and Society

The time has come to rethink our model of immigration.

1) Immigration is not a right it is an honor

2) Society is not served by endless appeals that go on for over a decade.

3) There are certain countries the US has historical ties to and they should get preference. Lets end the 7% rule that discriminates against residents of the Philippines

4) Real penalties for law breaking. A five year penalty for the first DWI and deportation for the second.

5) Severe penalties for USC citizens engaging in marriage fraud.

6) Elimination of the sibling immigration class and married child.


Anonymous said...

What do you have against my old classmates at USC, beakerkin? ;-)

I'd hope you'd be for tougher penalties for ALL US citizens who engage in marriage fraud.

Always On Watch said...

1) Immigration is not a right it is an honor

Until that step is policy, our immigration issue is going to continue to be one helluva mess.

The_Editrix said...

"1) Immigration is not a right it is an honor"

Ex-act-ly! And this is probably the core problem anywhere.

In Germany, the biggest problem with the Turkish minority comes from the imported brides and the ensuing right of "family reunions". The Turkish sociologist Necla Kelek wrote an important book about it, which made the problem known, although not nearly enough. "Die fremde Braut" means someting like "The Foreign Bride", but "fremd" can mean strange, alien and unknown as well and there are elements of all this there.

Up to 15,000 girls, many of them between 14 and 18 years old, are forced into marriage every year to Turkish boys living in Germany, Kelek says. Young men being on the dole or social security are considered a good catch in Turkey. The imported brides become the door opener for their relatives to join them in the name of "family reunion".

Almost invariably uneducated, even illiterate, the "imported brides" are treated like domestic slaves in Germany, virtual property of their husbands' families. They stay in Turkish-Islamic ghettos, are not allowed, and don't want to, learn German and to communicate with Germans and bring up their children within their own isolation and German-hating spirit. Kelek describes how even formerly secular Turkish families are "re-Inlamified" in Germany.