Saturday, August 08, 2009

I am an American

We rarely talk of my vision of America and the world.

I am an American. My brothers and sisters come from all over the planet and practice many faiths.We are a nation bound by a common vision. The basics of that vision is individual rights and intellectual freedom. My country does not accept second class citizens.

There are those who think that they own patriotism. They speak in loud tones and wave our flag, but do not understand what it for. We are one nation and hatred of anyone based on anything other than criminality violates our traditions.

An American Life

I walk the streets of NYC in a UN of ethnic enclaves. I drive to the swamps and famed diners of Jersey. Some nephew Nicos is always getting yelled at for his personal life. The owners breath taking niece named Sophia or Helen serves huge portions of great food.

My travels take me from the White Mountains of Maine to the wonderful city of San Diego. The cast of characters always changes across the rich landscape. As a NYC type there are mysteries of life we seldom see like Checkers, Fatburger and a host of new experiences. America is not uniform except in the ideals that unite us.

An American life takes us from meeting proud veterans at the Golden Corral in GA to sitting with a file clerk in Checkers from Nigeria. The American life has taken me through WTC 93, 9-11
and scores of blackouts.

What an adventure and honor it is to live in this land. We will survive Obama or if we are lucky he might grow.... not. The economy will get better but there will be pain ahead for many good people.


Always On Watch said...

Excellent explanation as to what it means to be an American.

beamish said...

We've survived illegitimate Presidencies before (JFK / LBJ stole the 1960 election), although the Obama administration is the first time we've ever elected a non-citizen.