Friday, August 07, 2009


This site will be restored to its former tone over the next few days.

Sunbeam and I are doing well. My father is recovering very well from his heart surgery. Rav Roov is still around even as his son is studying at a Yeshiva in Israel. The princess hates my guts and we haven't spoken for over six months.

I would caution all of you who work about work spouses. The idea is great, but ultimately someone gets too attached and it goes awry. Before Sunbeam, I loved having a work wife. We ate lunch and breakfast together every day. I wasn't interested in her romantically or sexually and we never went out apart from work. I never cared about her boyfriend of the moment.However, when Sunbeam walked into my life she could not handle it and tried to end my relationship. She would walk in to a closed office and get into conversations with Sunbeam that devolved into fights. Choosing between Sunbeam and the Princess was no choice.

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