Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beakerkin Watches DHS the TV Show

The show provided more depth than I had expected. These are human stories with real people and it is rare that there is a really bad soul that you want to toss out the window. My job was not one of the ones featured, but it was good to see other links in the chain. We do have friends that have moved on to every agency from the passport office, to the State Department, to ICE, CBP and the Secret Service.

I want to tip my hat to Tall Soldier. I understand his sentiment as I also swore an oath to protect the Constitution. I understand an empathize with the Obama critics. I do not owe any allegiance to racist critics of the President.

I agree that the country is headed in the wrong direction and the policies of Obama are disastrous. I would say these things regardless of the complexion of the man in the White House. The talk of Obama as a Nazi with his Jewish Death panel are disturbing and vulgar associations.

I am wondering if we are ready for beakerkin style insurance reform. The entire United States should have one set of insurance rules. Policies must be written in plain English with standardized claim forms.

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