Sunday, August 16, 2009

It is official Dr Yeagley is an Antisemite

I want to point out that the Editrix was 100% correct in everything she stated about Dr Yeagley.
Yeagley,in his own warped mind thinks of himself as pro Jewish. However, lets examine his actions and writings.

Before I point this out he needs to stop pointing his fingers at former members of the Bad Eagle family. He has falsely pointed his finger at the Editrix. The Editrix is aware of the history of the Holocaust and understands its implications. It would be as idiotic for a German to trivialize the Holocaust as it would be for an American to trivialize our historic crimes against Indians or slavery. These are facts of historic wrongs in American history and to deny them would represent ignorance and a poor grasp of the context of history itself.

In a previous post Yeagley pointed out his view that Communism was a Jewish reaction to prejudice. Identifying Communism with Jews is a Nazi classic theme. All he needs to do is add the Jews are the bankers part and he has a matched set.

The reality is that Communism is an internationalist death cult with millions of followers. We could probably find Communists in Wheel chairs and space aliens. No doubt some other antisemite will look for Jewish figures behind Mao, Pol Pot and Jim Jones. How is it that there is no discussion of French or Italian communists as there is no shortage of either.

We should examine Communism from the view of Toynbee. It is in fact a surrogate religion and as such its members should be considered converts. When Norman ( Maoist) Finkelstein rationalizes the Holocaust and praises Hezbollah he is showing "revolutionary authenticity". His subsequent actions are those of a small minded communist intent solely on spreading tyranny.

We need not look any further than the Rosenberg saga to see the reality of Communists. At the same time the Rosenbergs were on trial for actual crimes, Commies were staging show trials for imagined crimes that existed solely in the mind of Stalin. The American communists peddled a lie of the innocence of criminals for decades. When the fact of their treason was exposed the excuse was "the Rosenbergs had a different definition of patriotism". There is no mention of decades long deception and of actual Communist crimes against Jews.

One need not look beyond the actions of bug eyed hardened Stalinist Ethel Rosenberg to grasp what a Communist is. Ethel's embrace of communism was considered a family disgrace and her own father did not talk to her for years. She then decides it is more important to be a martyr for the cause and knowingly orphans her children. She does go out of her way to ensure her children are raised by fellow commies as opposed to family members. The actions of a bug eyed Stalinist even take precedence over a maternal bond with her children. Had the bug eyed Ethel merely pled guilty or admitted her guilt she would have been spared.

All actions of a communist are predicated by their fanatical loyalty to an internationalist death cult that seeks to erase Jews when not stoking populist anti semitism.

In his latest post Dr Yeagley continues some classic Nazi themes. We are not calling the Dr a Nazi, but we are pointing out his use of similar material. Yeagley points out correctly he is " not the spokesman for all Indians". No doubt millions of Indians are relieved to hear this. He challenges my Judaism claiming I do not think like a Jew. Maybe in the warped mind of the Dr all of us think the same things when not listening to Jackie Mason routines and eating Knishes. Unlike the Doctor my linneage is 100% including a brother who is an Orthodox pulpit Rabbi as well as a Modern Orthodox girlfriend. I was raised in the traditions and am well acquainted with my community as an insider.

1) The Dr points to some minor players in the Obama administration as the head of a Jewish cabal and likens them to Nazis. Of course Yeagley is well aware of the standard odiousness of comparing Jews to Nazis. He could have easily apologized for this gaffe, but refuses to even acknowledge why comparing Emanuel to a Nazi would offend Jews who do not support Obama.
This is no doubt Yeagley's variant of the classic Neocon cabal routine, all he needs to do is add in
ZOG and the folks at Stormfront will be pleased. The Dr also feigns surprise when posts like this end up on Nazi sites like Stormfront. No doubt a dog handler tossing red meat to rabid dogs is surprised when the dogs foam at the mouth.

2) Blaming some obscure thinkers for laying the groundwork for the Holocaust. This was a thread unrelated to an incoherent post. Antisemites frequently blame Jews for causing antisemitism. Rather than grasp the magnitude of the gaffe Yeagley continues with spin. The Holocaust is a historic crime committed by Nazis. There is no excuse or rationalization of this crime.

3) Taking on Jew out of a larger group and highlighting and exaggerating their role. Sorry but Emmanuel is but one adviser in a large cabinet. No doubt the Dr must think Emmanuel has some sort of Juperpower to be more influential than other cabinet members.

This latest post is the Doctors variant of the Neocon cabal role.

4) Excessively pondering who is and is not a Jew. The series of posts on Sotomayer are a classic illustration of this. There is no evidence the woman is Jewish. The Doctor feigns ignorance that a NY Puerto Rican with roots in Academia and NY Law would have extensive ties to the Jewish Community. The fact is nobody else had this obsession. The Dr is either unfamilar with the realities of NYC, ignorant or insane, the three are by no means mutually exclusive.

As for the history of Bad Eagle I was indeed a large part of that history and am entitled to my own view of things as an active participant. Many Jews took one look at the most rabid forms of bigotry aimed at Jews and left. The only constant who stood with him was yours trully. However, after his rabid mongrel acolyte stunk up the joint I began to read Yeagley's writings outside the Jewish sections I frequented. The criticisms of the Editrix, Mac, Gator and Warren are on target. A larger man would heed the advice of people who know him very well, but Yeagley is a small man.

In Yeagley's own heart he really does not see himself as an antisemite. However, those of us are also very familiar with people who swear they love their Black neighbors and say the N word every three minutes.

If Yeagley wants to use his so called love of the Jewish people to deflect attention from his White supremacy act he is mistaken. As a real American, I have no patience for racial power kooks, commies, Jihadis or Anarchists.



beamish said...

I read the Yeagley article in question at BadEagle and I have to say that I don't get the idea that he's anti-Semitic from it.

He does make some rather salient points questioning why Jews would have anything to do with the Obama administrations Nazi-like ideological tactics and agendas (I would have asked why ANYONE would, regardless of ethnicity, but that wasn't Yeagley's focus)

Yes, it is somewhat offensive to attach a Nazi label to a Jew, as the Nazis killed Jews regardless of whether or not they were religiously active and pious or not.

But Yeagley's point, if I'm reading him correctly, is not that "Jews are Nazis" but rather that the Obama Administration is becoming more Nazi-like. You already know my views of Nazism as just another form of leftism.

I would add that if Yeagley is seeking the approval of the Stormfront crowd, he's probably less likely to recieve it comparing the presidency of a black man to their favorite German leftist labor movement / genocidal ideology.

That all said, I largely kept myself away from BE because of the white supremacist and anti-Semitic remarks of some of the posters there. That, and I'm too lazy to keep up with a WordPress password. And while swimming in pools where everyone is welcome suits some, I'm just not all that keen on playing in the mud with neo-Nazis. That's Yeagley's format and it works for him.

BUT.... I really think you're going way over the top accusing Yeagley of being an anti-Semite. A overly welcoming, non-discriminating forum host / moderator perhaps, but no anti-Semite.

Always On Watch said...

He's Identifying Communism with Jews???


Ducky's here said...

AOW, Beak, is Polish. His father was in Poland in 1920 and Beak has a REAL tough time accepting that the TKRP (Provisional Polish Revolutionary Committee) which was a ruling force in Poland after WW I was almost exclusively Jewish.

Not that it's a slur in any way. If you think there was not a heavy Jewish influence in the formation of communism, Marx, Trotsky, Rosa Luxemburg) then I have to say you are naive.

beakerkin said...


Factually you are incorrect. Both of my parents were born in the United States in the thirties to emigres.

My paternal Grandfather was from a locally prominent family. Some of them were Zionists including an older sister who emigrated. He in the Polish army with distinction
and served in the war of 1920. Most
of his family were more concerned with numerous businesses owned by the family.

He was more concerned with his craft as a furniture maker. He loved this type of work and dedicated much of his life to making Art Deco pieces of furniture.He was a simple amiable
man who other than his loathing of Communists was apolitical. His world revolved around his kids, his wife, his love of carpentry, the Yiddish paper and theater and of course the temple around the corner. He went even after he had survived a stroke and had Parkinsons.

His wife's family was apolitical and much poorer. They were not locally prominent, but they had something very valued American citizenship. My grandmother as was the custom in those times went back home to find a husband from her city.

They remained married for well over
fifty years when my grandfather died and she died around six months later. She was not political
nor very popular. Her world was the kitchen and that of her peers.
Their marriage was a good one that lasted decades even if a very locally beloved person was happily married to someone who was not as beloved by the community.

Were you to ask either if they were Poles they would likely ask you if you were crazy.

On my mothers side the family was born into territory known as the Austro Hungarian empire. The city later fell into Polish control but today is in the Ukraine. You can call people who lived there many things but they called themselves Jews.

She was the daughter of a local Rabbi who was sent to America as punishment. They viewed her boyfriend as unstable from a family beneath her station. She was a highly successful business Republican business woman in an era where both were rare. She was even more hostile to Communists than my paternal grandfather. Her first marriage did not last and her husband was apolitical. He was a rather unstable sort who worked as a Baker.

You can find one or two actual Zionists in my family tree. The members of my family were opposed to Communism. The sole exception was a very unpopular cousin on my fathers side.

His reward for embracing Communism
was a trip to Siberia and hard labor as a dreaded "rootless cosmopolitan", communist parlance for Jew. He returned from Siberia and emigrated after the war. His time in a forced labor camp cured him of any delusions about communism.He became the most outspoken anticommunist of them all
and likely would have personally pulled the switch on the Rosenbergs
if given the opportunity.

Unfortunately, Communists like the Duck have created a myth that Jews
were overwhelmingly in favor of Communism. Jews who practiced the actual religion viewed communists
as beyond contempt. In families the issue was considered so divisive that members would not speak for many years. Do note that Ethel Rosenberg's father did not speak to her for years and this reaction was fairly common.

The Duck as a practicing Communist
merely repeats a fable. Toynbee amongst others have pointed out that communism is a surrogate religion. Marx was a convert and deeply antisemitic and racist in his own writings. The real Trotsky was an atheist war criminal with a record close to that of Saddam Hussien. For every Trotsky, there were dozens of ordinary Jews who viewed him as a traitor to the Jewish people.Indeed the followers of Trotsky are the apex of populist antisemitism.

Communism is a dreaded death cult and its followers are no more Jewish than Renegade Spleens role model Jim Jones was Christian. In fact the debacle at the Anglican Church under Rowan Williams shows exactly what happens when Marxists infiltrate a Church.

Always On Watch said...

If you think there was not a heavy Jewish influence in the formation of communism, Marx, Trotsky, Rosa Luxemburg) then I have to say you are naive.

Not Jewish influence. Jewish communists. Communists come in all ethnicities.

Hitler portrayed communism as a Jewish plot to further his own psychotic insanity.