Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Sad Truth

I want to say dreams die hard. My vision of America is the big table where all of us are equal but different. We are free to think and pursue the questions of life as we see fit and are bound by a set of documents that unites us in a common vision based upon individual rights.

In the old days Bad Eagle was a magical place. There was something for everyone and many brilliant posters called the place home. There were the brilliant posts of the Hun, Kidst, Amil and many others. If you wanted a laugh the Gator, Mark Winters or Ajibik knew a great joke. There were many stand up people like Warren, TMW, Johny Mac, Raven, RN and many others. I look up and they are all gone.

When Mac was there the site was about ideas and information. Sadly it devolved into fratricide largely at the instigation of a Nazi and his psychotic troll.

Mac may be right that the place was always Stormfront Lite. The Hun has pointed out that once again Dr Y's writting turn up on a white power site. Now I know first hand that a few times things I have written have turned up in odd places. However, this racial based critique of Obama
is dead wrong and lends itself to White Power types. I want to believe in Dr Y as he is a friend. However, the racialist tone of the Obama posts can not be defended and I will not.

Even more insulting is the claim that the viscious behavior of Batty Ann is some type of cultural
norm. Sorry, but that is an insult to every loving Indian woman who epitomizes grace as she raises her children with love.

There are those who do not understand the big table. I always thought we shared that vision of America. We will promote that vision here.

I was out with Sunbeam and we had some funny moments. We were at a resturant and the waiter was confused. I ordered a Diet cola and she ordered coffee. It is usualy the woman who has the Diet Cola. I enjoyed my time with her and every moment is magical. She is the twinkle in my green eyes and the gleam in my dimpled smile.

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Alligator said...

Beak, I had tried to leave a comment on my experience with Bad Eagle and why I left. I don't know if you ever got it or not, as I have had some browser trouble lately. Any way, I haven't said anything publicly about it since I left BE, but thought maybe this was the time and venue to say my piece (in a civil and rational manner of course).