Sunday, August 23, 2009

The World of Beakerkin Upside Down

I have to admit watching the antics of the Town Hall protesters with a bit of shock and awe. I am in awe that they have really moved the debate from a done deal on health care to DOA. I am a tad shocked in that this is the second time in my life I have witnessed this from the right.

I want to point out that for the second time in recent years Commies have been forced to sit on the sidelines as a mass movement sweeps the nation. Some far leftists also were on board for the anti immigration reform backlash.

I am watching the media describe the protesters in less than flattering terms. True, some of the rhetoric about Nazis and talk of Emmanuel borders on hysteria and Nuremburg style Jew hatred.Some of the talk is clearly racist, but not the majority. I want to contrast this with the silence by the media with exactly who organizes your average peace protest. There is also zero coverage of the most rabid forms of Jew hatred at those events and the Bush = Hitler crowd is airbrushed out.

Obama, Frank and Pelosi must be at wits ends because they never have to deal with passionate opposition outside of talk radio and a few blogs. Thus far Obama has done a dreadful job in trying to allay the concerns of the American people. Allaying the fears of the American people in this case may indeed be "A Bridge Too Far".

Sudenly, I see the future winds changing before us. Obama may lose seats in the Senate and House. I was also seeing immigration reform next, but that would kill the approval ratings of all parties.

Protesters on the right, with some ( small) anti semitic elements stoping a policy. The GOP making gains in the next election cycle. People I thought were hippies complaining about taxes.
The other day my closest friend at work told me in private. Obama was a symbol and just not ready to govern. Just months ago she was praising him as I said guard your wallet.

I remember long ago I wrote something picked up by Urban Elephants. In my day Conservatives were isolated. We were individualists and trained as street fighters with a Marxist
enemy. We were tough individualists. In my day a young Jewish Republcan was as rare as a whoping crane. I look about me at the young and see I was ahead of my time by ten or fifteen years. Today's conservatives are out there protesting and using satire effectively. They are not the pit warrior individualists of my era, but in fact are something entirely fresh and vibrant.

The winds of change are blowing and it is 1977. The difference is I am older. The energy on the right is growing and the country is ready for a Reaganesque It is Morning in America again vision. Obama seems like a lower IQ, but more competant version of Jimmy Carter minus the smile. The media will try to save him, but something has changed. Even folks who never say a nice word about the GOP are getting concerned.

I still remain a Rudy Republican, but what the country needs is another Reagan type who can lead us with vsion and optimism. Obama going over to Europe and Cairo and sending out apologies isn't going to help at home. Its the folks in Palestine Texas and not the folks in Gaza he needs to worry about.

Beamish in 12.


CM said...

I have to admit I haven't watched the news closely, just letting Obama prove himself slowly.... maybe too slow for some. It's the same within our Tribal Government. There are those of us who want the new Chairman to get rid of all the old committees and ruthless lazy employees, for us he is doing this too slow.

These town hall meetings I have observed on the news are no different than the meetings of Tribal General Council meeting held once a year! I compare yeagley to Obama in the fact that he sits and seems to never get riled, maybe he is just scared of the wild Indians, he's always sitting opposite from the people "I" support too. He doesn't know the good guys from the bad ones, just follows the money or the top dog!

I am surprised at the Elder White People shouting and misbehaving and embarrassed that these are actually planned and choreographed for the most part, by outsiders. The Indian meetings are much the same but most of our dissidents are paid to shout the well meaning down and its planned also. Yes we're used to this kind of stuff, just not used to seeing it on TV, and the toting of a weapon, and its found to be not illegal!!!! somethings got to be wrong with that scenerio(black man even, set up??..and not too many people say a thing!)course maybe they have, I haven't watched CNN for two weeks


beakerkin said...


Some of it is sticker shock. Some of it is the decline in quality most feel will accompany the program. Lastly there are those like myself who believe governments role is to regulate not replace industry. There is a small but very vocal racist and anti Semitic element. In the case of GMS he placed a photo of Dr Mengele with Dr Emanuel. Yeagley made a similar mistake, but realized his error. Had he known how offensive that phrase was he would never have uttered it.

There is a scary current sweeping the nation. It feels like 1977 all over again, but I am no longer young and the young fight differently. Obama is bringing us together, just not in the way he intended.

Always On Watch said...

What's happening right now -- with the right standing up in such a fashion -- is indeed rare.

Interesting times, huh?

Always On Watch said...

Have you seen this editorial? I think you'll be interested.

beakerkin said...


I have seen it and I am seeing my worst nightmares come true. I hoped against reason Obama would reach beyond himself and grow into the job or at least evolve in a Clintonan mode.

Obama is something far more odious than Clinton. He just has a lead ear and does not seem capable of evolving and learning.

He is sinking like a rock. Carter led to Reagan so there is hope.
The winds of history are blowing but Obama is fighting the wind.

Always On Watch said...

When BHO was elected, I said to myself, "Well, he'll govern from the center." I wasn't paranoid.

But BHO didn't moderate. Indeed, he's pretty much keeping his campaign promises.

Now look at the mess we've got!

beamish said...

Obama is a Nazi.