Monday, August 24, 2009

And what of the future

Many of our assumptions about the future remain unknown. There are those who talk of the end of Europe as we know it. Then again they are forgetting larger trends.

Africans are embracing a vibrant form of conservative Christianity. They are not slaves to Marx or PC ( unless they are Desmond Tofu) and are more confrontational vs Islam. We assume that the American prominent far left preachers are the norm. In fact they are cartoon cliches of what a Berkley activist would think a person of color should say.

Welcome to the future where all is unknown. What does a fake Black Liberationist Cult crackpot say to an Akinola who takes the his religion seriously. What does Rowan Williams, Tutu and Wright say to a man who has seen his people under Shariah and Churches burned. What do racial power kooks say about an African who is more conservative and Christian than they are.

India will be a power in some form. Its world class Universities will spur growth and power. Pakistan could be finnished or surrender without a shot. China will be China and slowly its people will inch towards freedom.

The messiahs of marx will create a brain drain in Latin America. As the economies move towards Zimbabwe style messes Commies will blame Chavez as they blame Stalin, Mao and await the next savior.

Obama at this point either listens to the wind or goes the way of Carter. He may wise up ala Clinton after a similar debacle, but Clinton was a pro. Obama is a University style Marxist with dreadful judgement surrounded by mediocrity. He needed a politician like Gov Richardson in his corner and instead brought in Mr. Mediocrity Joe Biden. He may be even more arrogant than Clinton who co-opted the wind on welfare reform.

The great part of the future is almost everything is unknown except two constants. The New York Knicks will stink and the big media days are winding down.

Beamish in 12.

I am trying to comprehend this infatuation of one crazy Batty Ann with the Duck. The Duck and I have been challenging each other for five years. We have an awkward type of friendship and whenever I do an interview the question of where is the Duck comes up. Maybe one day he will be interviewed on AOW's radio show with me.

We do talk of plenty of other issues besides politics and when not talking about current events and history he is interesting. We have had many fascinating threads on film and the arts including the classic Sonia vs the Duck on film. He is more nuanced than your typical Marxist Chucky Doll that drones on about Trotsky or talks of Marijana Marxism like Graeme.

Maybe in the coming days I will see if I can have a snobs vs slobs talk of film, sports and art with the Duck. This blog has many well read readers and who knows what tangents can be unleashed when we go into the unknown.

I will be out with Sunbeam tonight.

This may be funny but some of our most memorable posts came in non political areas. I am not imagining a thread on the Duck waxing on about the Doobie Brothers or Smokey and the Bandit but it would be fun for all.

I am envisioning discussing authors, literature, pop vs croisant art and the sports scene.
Of course the rest of you can join in.

am still somewhat surprised the Duck had not seen Zorba on Film. Then again I have never watched a Godfather film.


Always On Watch said...

I don't think that BHO will "wise up."

In fact, I think that he's incapable of allowing that to happen because he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Just my opinion, I'm no psychiatrist.

Ducky's here said...

No I haven't seen Zorba. No particular reason, just never happened.

However I do have several of director Michael Cacoyannis' films. All out of print unfortunately. If you ever have a chance to see "A Girl in Black" or "A Matter of Dignity" they are well worth a look.

Very "New Wave" though. Location shooting, natural light, improvisation and B&W cinematography.