Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stealing the Mind of Indians WTF

Regular readers of this blog know I write on many subjects. I write book review, satire, current events and vivid descriptions of a well balanced life. In the vast history of this sight we have written next to nothing about Indians.

Imagine my surprise when a mentally disturbed bigot accuses me and I think the Editrix of trying to poison the minds of Indians. This might be amusing in that it is debatable if the BAG ever had a mind in the first place. She claims to have written four unpublished books ( why not 50). My question is how many of these books are pop up or coloring books.

This series of comments might be amusing in that the person making the comments is widely known on the web as a well known bigot. Then of course Dr Yeagley is just merely misunderstood when his writings regularly show up on sites like Stormfront.

You can't make this stuff up.

Among the more incoherent ramblings of the BAG apparently I am an Apache pretending to be a Jew. This would make me more Indian than Yeagley or the BAG. In other versions it is reversed
and I am a Jew pretending to be Apache. How or why I would accomplish this is just more of the wacky world of the rabid Baboons hallucinations.

There has to be some comedy about a well known bigot whose slavish support for a person whose works often end up on Stormfront calling someone else a Nazi. Earth to the BAG, the person whose work ends up cited at Stormfront is Yeagley, not Beakerkin or the Hun.


The_Editrix said...

"Imagine my surprise when a mentally disturbed bigot accuses me and I think the Editrix of trying to poison the minds of Indians."

Thank you, Beak! I'd never been able to figure it out by myself. Hehe... I don't think they need us to do the "poisoning". ;-)

CM said...

Sho-de'-jah,(Crow for hello how are you?)

Got back home last nite from Crow Country(Montana), and was reading and laughing at yeagly and baggy ann, you know how to put them in their place Beak!

"Oklahoma Accent", thats a goot one Beakerkin. I wonder too, does yeagley really read his own site and condones what the bag says, its so embarrasing, to think she claims to be Indian. She steals from other sites just to bring it to his, he banned me and I am still there, don't worry, if he banns you, you will still be there, the bag will see to it. He also suggested that I cease posting, I remember reading that statement(then it disappeared) but he banned me shortly after because baggy ann told him to and I would ruin his chances in his run for vice chair of the Comanche Nation. I didn't have to say a word, though I could have said a lot....I did feel sorry for his skinny "A" when he tried to debate at our cessions....how could bag say he is a great speaker? What little I have heard him speak in person at our meetings, he stutters and motions with his hands flying all over and, and, and, and, and, and, and body language that no one understands.. nor wants to. Poor baby, I have to feel sorry for him, I really do! He is not liked by my people despite bags' insistance that only 20 people loath him, and the sioux love him! hah. In fact, she told me herself when she was helping him sell his book she almost got into fights with people who disagreed on his writings. She was having trouble selling them. If the sioux love him so much, why the hell didn't they buy them up????

He may be right on knowing Jewish people, but you have more rights as a Jew to correct him, he can't stand to be corrected. He gets quite agitated when corrected. I know first hand as a 4/4 Comanche, he will not be corrected, he in fact won't have it. HE WILL HAVE THE LAST WORD! yeagley is a comedian, I had a blast getting caught up reading. I don't touch 'dakota country' she can keep "her" knowledge, if I want to know something, I will seek it other places other than her writing, she lies toooooooooo damn much . Yeagley believes every word of hers, can you imagine?

In his "Nazis Are Coming" blog, the final comment of Midnight Star14, "Nothing gives you that right to arrogantly dictate this to others", sounds like yeagley to a capita "T", he sure can make up "goot" ID's.
When its Indian theme, they are even more comical.