Monday, October 31, 2011

Now I have seen everything

I went to Steve's Pizzeria near the Occupy Wall Street crowd. They were in the paper saying business was down and I was there getting a decent slice if you like a fluffy crust. The place up on Chambers and Church was much better.

On my way back to catch the bus home I had to do a double take. One of the protesters seemed to be dressed as the classic Mr. Beamish avatar. He was wearing an army helmet, gas mask and some type of army issue coat.

Thus far nobody seems to know where the loony anthropology professor is or is admitting it. I want to see he tax returns and time cards. Six figure salaries, plus book royalties and trust funds make this anarchist lunatic a world class fraud.

Those of you who want to laugh at the obtuseness and bigotry of commies need to see the hysterical responses of Communists at Occupy Wall Street to A Former Soviet Emigre. Claims that workers are paid well in NORTH KOREA are hysterical. Also Commies claiming Soviet Emigres are RICH EXILES and defending Che Guevara are priceless.


Ducky's here said...

Chambers and Church?

Why didn't you get a good organic sandwich at Mimi's instead of that artery clogging crap?

No wonder you're having health problems, seriously Beak.

Ducky's here said...

Speaking of Pizza

The Pizza Man got his job through a Jesse Jackson Project PUSH shakedown?

Rita said...

I've been lurking on the occupy livestreams and reading some of the local and NYC's General Assemblies (GA) "minutes" since the beginning of the movement.

I'll give credit to the local movement about keeping the area clean, not provoking the police, staying within the legalities of the city.

After the first week, they spent nearly an entire General Assembly complaining about the homeless people eating their "donated" food.

The next week, they were upset that one of the "occupiers" had "safeguarded" their food and supplies to his warehouse and would not give them access saying he would secure the supplies and deliver the food.

A week later, the occupiers on site had not received one bit of food or supplies that were taken.

The occupiers appointed a "treasurer", who took their $300 and would not release it.

A dedicated occupier begged at a GA for $350 in donations to travel to TN because someone he knew MIGHT have a job for him and he needed the money.

Their livestream is like watching a Real Housewivies episode.

For the last two days, there was been no activity on the local occupiers numerous fractional group and I read tonight there were so few people that attended their GA, they could not even maintain it.

Thinking this was just a local cluster &$^*, I read a few of the NYC's versions.

First, the "minutes" are like reading some kid's diary.

Second, they complained about the drummers not respecting the "neighborhood" and silencing during the GA's. And remember the drummer who wanted the NYC GA to buy him an $8k drum since his was ruined in the elements.

Third, the food group complained about the homeless infiltrating their occupation eating the gourmet meals and they complained about their 18 hour shifts in preparing the food. They retaliated by serving only pb&j sandwiches for a few days.

I'm left with believing this is all just some school's assignment showing what happens in a socialist society.

Let's face it, to the actual homeless, the occupiers are the 1% who won't share their wealth.