Monday, May 04, 2015

Dumb publicity stunt

I do like Pam Geller. However, the point of drawing Mohammed just to inflame crazies is absurd. We know that some Muslims are over the top nasty folk. The point of risking a real massacre for a pedantic point is absurd. I don't bash religious icons other than Communist Icons or Obama. I don't do the Dear Leader bit. Communists deserve all types of ridicule.

I am visiting my parents. The last episode of MASH was on Tv. I haven't seen it in 20 years. Funny but the only thing I remembered was Col Potter leaving on a horse and it was well written. My folks swear that was the first time they saw it. The after MASH shows did not do well except for Trapper John.


Always On Watch said...

It was a ticketed event, and the only way to find out about it -- as far as I know -- was to learn about through Geller's or Spencer's web site.

beakerkin said...

We both love Pam and she is quite the publicity hound. Drawing cartoons doesn't really say much. It gets attention and publicity, but the cost is high. The fact something is legal doesn't make it in good taste or practical.

Always On Watch said...

Self-censorship in this particular intellectual battle space is going to be problematic down the line.

I don't know that Pamela is a publicity hound. But even if she is, she shouldn't have to live in personal insecurity just because of a cartoon.

beakerkin said...

Geller has been a marked woman long before this. There is a complete insanity on the left with her antics. You can see the naked hatred from elite university students brainwashed by Marxist morons. Harry's Place even defended a brain impaired Communist Antisemititic clown vs Geller. Of course there can be no adult conversation until Marxist baboons depart.

The truth is terrorists do more damage to Muslims than Geller could ever do. I have been saying this for years and so has Stephen Schwartz.

Note for the Communist Duck. Even the lunatics of ISIS in Gaza note that Hammas are violent thugs.