Saturday, December 10, 2011

Free Speech and Occupy Madness

The pictures of a deranged retired Philadelphia police Captain in uniform being arrested in NYC at a Communist/ Anarchist hatefest were in all the local papers. The publicity whore loser is upset because he has been warned that he will forfiet his pension if he continues to disgrace his former employer by demonstrating in uniform.

This senseible ruling from Philadelphia reminds us that the deranged Captain is not prevented from protesting as a civilian. He is being warned about exploiting his position and giving a false appearance that his idiocy is endorsed by the Police Officers in Philly.

Bravo to Philly

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Alligator said...

That situation reminds me of Marshal Petain. A national hero in World War I, look what he became during World War II. I don't think his synapses were firing correctly, but his positive image and good work for France was destroyed for serving the Reich.