Thursday, April 02, 2009

Workplace Violence

The recent spate of abducting CEO's in France is exactly the wrong tactic. The financial situation has driven some to desperate measures, but when the recession does lift where will the new investment go. France is already a lousy place to invest and suffered from slow growth even before the global recession.


Ducky's here said...

Dear Beak,
My appeals for assistance have gone unheeded but I will try once again. I am posting the film schedule for the remainder of the year at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
As you can see, this is a completely subversive schedule. Appeals to the museum to shut down their film program have been ignored and local authorities are uninterested.
You have Federal connections and I wonder if you can tell me how to have these commies shipped to Gitmo where they belong.

Thank you,


# MFA Annual Film Festivals:
# Boston Turkish Film Festival, Mar 27-Apr 5, 2009
# Armenian Film Festival, May 1-3, 2009
# Boston Gay & Lesbian Film/Video Festival, May 6-17, 2009
# Boston French Film Festival, Jul 9-26, 2009
# Boston Palestine Film Festival, Oct 2009
# Boston Festival of Films from Iran Nov 2009
# Human Rights Watch International Film Festival Jan 2010
# African Film Festival Feb 2010

Z said...

That list of film festivals is hilarious!! Only in Boston...just what anybody wants to see a "Gay and Lesbian film festival" discriminatory.

I AM HIGHLY in favor of the Armenian Film Festival, however (Smile) Except I can't stand most native Armenian art and most of the Armenian films are about the genocide as if that's all we have to say.

I would also be interested in the French festival....

Come to think of it, they're not too bad. African might be good too. But, really, your point's just plain stupid, Ducky. Nobody thinks anybody who makes films in these genres is a terrorist or wants us dead. But, good try.
Why can't you tell the difference and when are you going to learn that WE CAN?

The Pagan Temple said...

The Palestine film festival sure ought to be interesting. Those people are expert at low-budget independent film-making. They've also hit on a winning formula-no worries over future royalty payments to the films stars.

Ducky's here said...

Z, you must know I was being sarcastic.

Have you ever seem Parajanov's "The Color of Pomegranates"?

It's considered a masterpiece by people like Fellini, Godard, Antonioni ... but I can't get through it. It is so Armenian that I suspect one has to have at least a basic literacy in earlier Armenian history and culture to "get it".

If you haven't seen it, I'd give it a look. If nothing else it's visually quite beautiful.

Z said...

Ducky, I"m sorry...I honestly thought that was a real line up!? Well, ..!!

Was the Pomegranates are apparently a very common fruit in the film about the genocide..again?
That's about all the Armenian history you need to know...except it was a very rich civilization until islamists pushed it back and back and back..It was rather like the HOly Roman Empire at one time.

thanks for the info

The Pagan Temple said...

The only thing I know about Armenia, aside from the genocide, is that it was the major bone of contention at one time between the Roman and Parthian Empires, and that at that particular time it was divided into Greater and Lesser Armenia. Which means that it was far more important historically than most people realize it was.