Thursday, April 23, 2009

NFL Draft Time

The annual NFL draft is coming up. Most of the players will be busts and there will be many who are drafted lower that outperform the early selections. I am hoping Detroit and Kansas City get their acts together.

The Detroit fans need a real QB who is up to the challenge and a defensive playmaker. The Chiefs need an LB or a WR with firepower.

Locally the Giants and Jets both need help at WR. I see a trade for Braylon Edwards on the horizon
and a draft of LB and offensive linemen. I hope the Giants get 6'6'' WR Ramses Barden in the late rounds. The Jets need to rebuild the entire offense save the line and get help on the DL.

There are some who wonder if we still consider Tiki Barber to be a low life fraud for his antics in NY. Tiki is the epitome of what is wrong with the NFL. He was a big mouthed lowlife who was given countless chances screwed up weekly and blamed others. He is a lousy commentator who should not be confused with Chris Collinsworth, Deirdorf, Strahan or Howie Long. Barber lacked class as a player and is a joke as a commentator. He is neither knowlegeable or likeable and has no class. If I want knowledge I turn to Colinsworth. If we want fun we turn to Bradshaw or Strahan. Most of the others offer a mix of knowledge and fun like Sims, Irv Cross or Tom Jackson. Tiki is not even up to the poor standards of performance of Deon Sanders.


The Pagan Temple said...

Maybe Tiki should be paired with Keith Olbermann for playoff and Super Bowl coverage. How about Janeane Garofolo doing a comedy sketch for the Super Bowl halftime game, followed by a rousing medley by the Dixie Chicks? Maybe we can start a new tradition of kicking the opening field goal, with the Lord God Obama being the first to do so at the next Super Bowl? Barney Frank would probably prefer an opening huddle, with himself at center.

Ducky's here said...

Locally the Giants and Jets both need help at WR.


Plaxico Burress is available.

Steve Harkonnen said...


then I woke up.

beamish said...

Who should the Rams waste their #2 overall draft pick on?

beakerkin said...

I think they are going to draft one of the Offensive Tackles to replace Orlando Pace.

Z said...

As you might know, I have less interest in football than I have interest in moving to Cambodia BUT I saw one of the morning shows today and they showed the players up there on the draft list and I actually kind of want to know where they go tomorrow morning. Piqued my interest somehow. Maybe cuz most of them are SUCH HUNKS! (didn't think you'd get a comment about hunky players on the blog, I'll bet!?) That 6'6" guy has QUITE an ego on him, by the way.

Z said...

NOBODY deserves $78 million for ANYTHING but curing cancer.
I'm sorry, but...
I thought there are starving people in Detroit? Yes, I don't sound much like a conservative, but sometimes things like this GET to me.

The Pagan Temple said...


Some individual players might well be overpaid, but when you look at the profits taken in by many NFL teams, and the salaries drawn by top management, and the owners take, and finally the overall money taken in by the NFL in general, even the highest of player's salaries are pocket change.

Plus, most players have very limited potential once their playing careers are over. They can't all be highly-paid announcers and analysts, nor do most of them have the requisite skills necessary to be coaches or managers.

When a team pays a huge salary to a player, its a roll of the dice, but its a chance they are willing to take. If it doesn't pan out, they have the option of trading them or buying them out.

The worse thing about the NFL is ticket prices, but that has little to do with players salaries. They only play sixteen games a year through regular season play, so they have to milk it for all its worth.

A lot of teams just aren't that profitable, and can't afford to pay for a really good in-depth team. They might have one or two stars who end up carrying the water for the team, such as Barry Sanders when he was RB of the Lions-the only player they had most years that was a better-than-average player, let alone a great one. Such teams are barely competitive during most seasons.

It's the same with baseball, where certain teams tend to dominate the leagues. That's the only thing about professional sports that is inherently unfair, but what is fair anyway?