Thursday, April 16, 2009

Decent Idea

In general I am not a fan of web censorship. I do not flag blogs that are offensive. What triggers a warning is arbitrary. For example Sonia's blog has a warning for nudity. The blog of rabid anti semite Liberal White Boy has one primarily for its Jooo hatred.

I want to point out we do not nor have ever condoned hatred of people due to race, religion or most normal political points of view. One could respect a decent laborite like Jams and tell the difference between a laborite and an apologist for communism.

Now Commies are fast to point to my probably originating the term Pseudostinian. The term was coined as this ethnicity is no more real than a New Jersey ethnicity. If the situation is correctly viewed as Arab vs Israelis the whole point is absurd. Arabs calling anyone colonial is absurd given their own history. The Palestinian myth was concocted by Commies as Judenfrei real estate had obvious odious history. Thus a fake ethnicity with no history was created by the Soviets out of thin air. If the situation were reduced to Israel dealing with Jordan and Gaza being returned to Egypt the peace would have happened long ago.

Commies do not want peace as they need Psuedostinians as victims for their grand alliance. The grand alliance is Commies, Jihadis, Nazis and a few Anarchists in a common front United by Jew hatred.

Commies swear that they do not condone even the most base forms of anti Semitism. However,
a look at Ren's blog shows a link to a blogger frequently cited by Stormfront. One can find the same link on other Commie sites.

Of course if a blog were to feature the similar content about blacks or gays here Commies would be screaming that this is a hate site.Sorry, but exposing the lies and deception of a pathology that has killed 100,000,000 does not qualify.


Ducky's here said...

Beak seems to be suffering from Sunstroke again.

The Pagan Temple said...

I think Sonia's blog was flagged just because she pissed somebody off, not because she has nudity every once in a blue moon.