Monday, April 20, 2009

Unlawful Combatants

Members of Al Queda are not accorded protection under the Geneva convention. They are not members of an army with uniforms. Nor can they even in the loosest definition be compared to partisans. They are criminals who target civilians and are entitled to zero protection under the law.

As they routinely go around beheading people it is impossible to have any sympathy. Waterboarding is mild compared to what they deserve. They deserve the death penalty.


Ducky's here said...

And remember folks, in the Beak world if you're Muslim then you are al-Qaeda until proven innocent, and you don't get due process to prove it, either.

Welcome to the fascist world of the Beak.

Always On Watch said...

Hear! Hear!

I'm sick and tired of hearing the mea culpa crap from the BHO administration.

The Pagan Temple said...

Obama has put us back on the road to civilization. Now, not only must Muslims be afforded adequate halal food and Korans, prayers beads, matts, etc., along with a period of exercise and reading materials-also known as all the things they always were afforded at Gitmo and anywhere else they are detained-now we also have to stop this barbaric practice of depriving them of eight hours a day sleep.

I would suggest that the Lord God Obama (blessed be his holy name) insure that they have access to a professional lullaby and/or bedtime story reader to insure they drift off to a sound sleep at night.

Of course, as we all know, the actual truth of the matter is that the mere act of detaining a Muslim, no matter how well we treat them, is a form of torture. May we all work toward the day when we release them all, as no good Muslim deserves to be detained by filthy infidels such as ourselves.

Elmers Brother said...

Welcome to the appeasing world of the Duhkkk.

Where people's genitals are cut off and stuffed in their face just prior to their beheading.

It's a take no prisoners attitude but it also means they don't have to provide any suitable place of detention for our boys. Nor Red Cross visits to the multitude of prisoners they've taken. Nor a football team of lawyers provided by the ACLU.

Where's the due process for all those prisoners that the radical extremist Muslims have taken eh?

Nope in Duhkkky's world they get released and recaptured on the battlefield.

Go to hell duhkkky.

Z said...

Elbro..if you can't tell a muslim from AQ, and feel those who can are evil if they do ascertain the difference and act on it, ...look what you're dealing with. Not worth the trouble.

Ducky's here said...

Hoyer’s remarks come as Harman continues to fight allegations — which first appeared in Congressional Quarterly on Sunday — that she was wiretapped in 2005 during conversations with a suspected Israeli agent. The report alleged that the veteran California lawmaker agreed to seek leniency for two accused spies in return for help in lobbying Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for the Intelligence Committee chairmanship.


Beak, kahanist schmucks were trying to influence foreign policy and subvert the U.S. justice system. What's the appropriate punishment?

Steve Harkonnen said...


Actually, mea culpa, when applied to our government and nation as a whole, tends to hold a multitudes of truths when it boils down to our intrusions into other nation's affairs when in fact we should not be doing so.

That's a big driving behind my politics - but I also fully support the immediate cessation of foreign aid - ALL OF IT.

Well, maybe some involvement, but we have got to fix our own internal issues first before we start doling out shoes to third world countries.