Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Note to the Duck

Do not assume gays and lesbians are anti American. In your satiric comment about Boston Arts you list gays and lesbians among the groups. Actually Commies have dreadful records on homosexuality and are just never held to any rational standards.

In general the "Arts" community is a cartoon to begin with. The need to make "gay" art as opposed
to exhibiting the works on their individual merits is par for the norm for a generally stupid crew.
Political art is typically inferior work produced by and for morons. Exhibits like those mentioned are examples of why funding for the arts needs to be eliminated. I personally do not donate to Arts
with the exception of the Met in NYC for this reason.

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Ducky's here said...


I was not asking for your input as an art maven. Clearly, you are one of these people who walk into a museum and ask "Where are the Impressionists" and that's it. Your aesthetic eye has been stunted and you are not sufficiently curious about the world to develop. That's fine, your choice.

I need your help on a political matter. There are MUSLIMS on the Boston art scene and only the Federal government can protect us from this dhimmitude. I know you have strong opinions and support strong culturist action like camps and forcing them to wear yellow crescents so I thought you could help.

My error. Sorry,