Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Word to Newsweek

The message about the decline of Christianity is off the mark. Congregations that pollute themselves with Marx are in decline. The Anglican Church mismanaged under Rowan Williams is an example. Christians are having more kids than secular types.


The Muslim/ Communist alliance will fracture once Israel is destroyed. When Israel does fall it will
be at the hands of its own. refusal to deal with its internal far left.

Jihadis use commies as useful idiots and then kill them when expedient, see Iran


Always On Watch said...

As a Christian, I'm ticked off about that recent cover of Newsweek, especially during Holy Week.

dontsupportthetroops said...

Hopefully Israel will be destroyed soon.

mynameismax said...

I go to church with my mom

hi. beamish is blog has a button for you too.

beakerkin said...

AOW it was low class.
The man in the gasmask rocks.

Lastly what we have is another unpatriotic antisemitic loon. The second comment is from a loser. The troops are his superiors and his life is wasted.

In fact the second commenter is a walking example of why I believe in aborting commies for the betterment of man kind.

Make the planet a better place abort a commie.

FJ said...

Happy Passover, beakerkin!

Ducky's here said...

Dear Beak,

I'm sorry you are attracting crank posts but that comes with controversial.

Hope you enjoyed the holidays. I went to Mass and then went to enjoy the hanging nasturtiums that are put out in the courtyard for Easter.

I took in the concert but I was very upset when I read the summer program. As part of Jazz at the Gardner they are going to invite a Middle Eastern group.

I voiced my protest. How can we be sure these musicians have been thoroughly vetted by Homeland Security? How can we be sure their compositions won't contain coded messages? Since the Gardner doesn't let you come in strapped, how can I ensure my personal safety with terrorists on the bill?

You have pull in government and can shut this sort of thing down. My repeated pleas for help regarding the dhimmitude of the Boston arts scene have been unanswered. Please help us guard the homeland from terrorists and commies. Time is running out.