Saturday, April 04, 2009

Getting the Story Wrong

The story of the shooting in Upstate NY is once again being blamed on guns and American culture.This would be amusing except that the perpetrator was born in a Communist pest hole.
These types of crimes have occurred in Europe as well. There is an irritating tendency by those in Europe and in our traitorous left to view any event in America with hyper scrutiny while ignoring abhorrent behavior in sacred groups like Venezuela or Pseudostine.

An Asian immigrant from a Communist pest hole lost his job and massacred random people in an immigration center. We note the economic factor as in many of these tragedies such as the California IT pro that killed his entire family. It may be correct to note the bad economic times have pushed many people over the edge emotionally. Oddly, this is very likely the community resource that would have helped the killer.

This is an isolated tragedy that really says more about the state of our economy and people without hope.

The media ignores the crime waves caused by Hugo's crackhouse Communism. It conveniently ignores the cause of the lawlessness and the ineffectiveness of the social policies created by a meglomaniacal lunatic. The media similarly ignores the Pseuostinian Authority's in ability to create a viable economy. The lawlessness is blamed on everyone except the Pseudostinian's unwillingness to govern responsibly and create a working economy with law and order despite cash payments from all over the planet.

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