Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Boycott Spain and Citgo

Recently, I wrote a post about boycotting Spain that upset some leftards. Leftards think that their infantile rhetoric comes without any price. The days of idiotic mindless far left idiocy being tolerated need to end. A bunch of Spanish imbeciles have decided to try members of the Bush regime for war crimes. This court has no jurisdiction on Americans and these charges are 100% politically motivated.

All Americans should boycott Spanish products. The ambassador from Spain should be recalled and 300% tarrifs on all Spanish products should be imposed immediately. Let the political infants explain to unemployed workers why their infantile need for attention has cost them their jobs and turned Spain into a laughing stock. Adding to the idiocy of this is the involvement of a convicted communist terrorist in bringing a case against American politicians.

Since the election of Sarkozy, I have ended my boycott of French products and actually went out of my way to purchase some very over rated food products. For the record I still prefer Italian and Califonian wine. Italian food products are superior to those produced in France, but all of us should reward good behavior.

Americans need to also stop buying their gas from Citgo. I proudly bypass Citgo stations even when their price is lowest. Every time you fill your tank at Citgo, you are paying for a meglomanical drug addicted Communist criminal's paranoid idiocy. I stopped buying my gas there long ago.


FJ said...

I stopped buying gas from Citgo LONG ago. As for the Spanish commies, let them eat tapas!

Ducky's here said...

Wow, Beak is apparently to much of a tyro to notice that action against Spain would be an action against the European Union and the WTO.

Yeah, good time for a trade war. Go back to sucking up to the moron Giuliani.

I don't expect the right to be educated. They have clearly gone through too much indoctrination but is it too much to ask for common sense?

Ducky's here said...

I miss no opportunity to tank up at Citgo.

Ducky's here said...

Then there's Cuba. Yes ,we can't stand Cuba. Why trade with Cuba. Didn't Fidel kick out the mob controlled casino's in the fifties? Forget it Fidel, you burned one of our most prized American industries; casino gambling in the hands of very private and nefarious hands. A sacred American institution.

We'd rather trade with China frankly, the human rights thing doesn't bother us that much; we only bristle when they use lead paint on children's toys. You wouldn't do that Fidel would you?

What is it with those Latin leaders studying Marx?

Steve Harkonnen said...

Beak, when it comes to jarred artichokes, they're from Spain. I am like Kramer - what will I do without fruit?

Steve Harkonnen said...

I miss no opportunity to tank up at Citgo.That's because Citgo and Leftards have much in common, snowball.

The Pagan Temple said...

Somebody needs to clue the Spanish in to the fact they no longer have an empire. Who do they think they are anyway? As far as conducting a "trade war" against the EU, private citizens boycotting Spanish products is not a trade war, Ducky, it's just a matter of individual initiative and a form of peaceful protest, something that has nothing to do with US government policy.

As far as Citgo goes, I buy my gas at whichever place is the cheapest and the most convenient. If gas crawls back up to four dollars a gallon and Citgo sells it for three dollars a gallon, or even 3.80 a gallon, you'd better believe I am not going to have one problem whatsoever patronizing Citgo.

Political statements are all well and good, but the bread and butter comes first.

Jungle Mom said...

Citgo, no go!
Hugo, loco!
Gringo, no go!

The Pagan Temple said...

What American oil companies need to do is keep their refineries up to par and to stop thinking up excuses to cut production in those cases when they can maintain or even increase production. That's one of the main reasons why gasoline and oil spiked so high a while back. They don't even properly maintain some of their pipelines in Alaska. In some parts, they are rusting and even leaking oil, but they refuse to engage in basic mainrenance.

It's a way they have of cutting their expenses and at the same time playing off the canard of supply versus demand, so they can actually double their profits by reducing both supply and expenses with one stroke.

Quite clever on their part, one can even argue ingenious, but not exactly an incentive for me to boycott Citgo.

Anonymous said...

You guys are a bunch of ignorants! You're a blaming a whole, big, proud and important country and its 45 million people for the personal crusade of a judge, that actually ended on a closed road. You must be careful with your light opinions and know the facts better. That's your problem: your ignorance and your absolute lack of information make you think you posses the truth.
Respect for the Spain and for its people. You are not guilty of having corrupt goverments and judges. We neither are.

beakerkin said...


Spain has become a joke of a nation for allowing a former communist terrorist to the bar to clown with the legal system. The far left needs to be punished for its misdeeds. Let the people of Spain pay the consequences for allowing far left jokes to play bad theater with its foriegn policy. Funny, but when additional people start to lose their jobs maybe the clown leftist responsible for this farce gets tarred and feathered by an angry mob.

The US needs to respond to leftist boorishness sharply and swiftly.