Thursday, April 23, 2009

Creating Criminals

I want to point out that often being a law enforcement officer one has to enforce laws that are unfair and make no sense. Regular readers know I am not a fan of gay marriage, but I favor Civil Unions, so as to avoid government tampering with religious terms.

There is something wrong with a system that treats people like second class citizens. It is heart breaking to watch people who appear to be gay masquerade as heterosexuals to remain with their real lovers. In general these are well adjusted employed people who are being almost coerced into criminal behavior due to the way the laws are written.

It is true that there are other ways to emigrate legally. However, family unification is currently a major component of immigration law denied to a certain segment based upon a proclivity.

There are those that say it will make it more difficult for examiners to verify marriages. This is false and a well trained officer free of prejudice should be able to check for validity of gay civil unions in the same manner as heterosexual couples.

My sole objection to gay marriage is that the term marriage does have a religious component. I want government and far left legal goons far away from religion. However, it is also wrong to disenfranchise an entire segment of the population based upon their proclivities.

The system we have needlessly pushes some otherwise law abiding citizens into fake marriages.
A system with such an inherent inequality does not serve the public.


Steve Harkonnen said...

To hell with being heartbroken, Beak.

Why feel sorry for assholes who make it a choice to be fags?

No gay gene. Absolutely not, or they're simply sick in the heads, all of them.

it's bad enough people act gay to gain attention, but one thing that ticks me off is when people actually feel sorry for homosexuals.

Anonymous said...

Disenfranchise? Since when is NOT SUBSIDIZING homosexual lifestyles "disenfranchisement"?