Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Complicated Topic

On the site of the Salonista Beatroot, the subject of non contagious medical care for immigrants came up. The truth is that some of the medical care procedures are very expensive. The cost of orthopedic surgery and cancer care is expensive.

While I would not want to turn away children who need orthopedic surgery, the reality is that we have limited resources. The USA can not afford to bear the cost of every illness on the planet. There are some procedures that are unquestionably better off here.

The problem with Salonistas is that they think resources are unlimited and the other side is racist.
I concede that we should not exclude immigrants with non contagious medical diseases. However, on a practical level resources are limited and we can not treat the planet.

This is what being a grounded moderate is about.

We now take you to a new segment Water boarding commies for fun. The following confession
was taken from the Duck

" Nicole Kidman can't act...... I once ate cheese wiz.......The English Patient was too long and I have a bottle of Log Cabin Syrup in my fridge".


Ducky's here said...

Cut the crap, Beak. I only use pure maple syrup.

Confess to this slander and we'll forget all about this incident.

Elmers Brother said...

my guess is he had a bottle of "whine" with that cheeze whiz

The Merry Widow said...

Would he like some crackers too?


Z said...

holy smoke, I see a bit of humor in Dukky's remark.

just a bit, but..it's a start.