Friday, April 17, 2009

Sanity in Spain

It appears that the political stunt of convicted Communist terrorist Gonzalo Boye is DOA. The lawsuit was a politically motivated stunt. Furthermore, the United States has an independent judiciary and a free press if such events necessitated a trial.

Spain is already suffering from disastrous relations with the USA largely due to the socialist regime
currently in power. No doubt the left will claim it is all Bush's fault, but Zapetero is at fault.

Much of US relations with Europe are a consequence of over the top rhetoric from populist idiots of the far left. It is easier to blame the USA and have a mindless obsession with Israel and Arabs claiming a contrived ethnicity than to talk about safety nets, creating jobs and criminality.


Anonymous said...

Well that's good news. I guess there's some sanity left, even in Spain.

Ducky's here said...

Actually FJ, in the Spanish system of jurisprudence the prosecutor cannot decide if a case proceeds. That decision is left to the judge.

Remember, FJ, far right wingers like Beak deal in emotion. The left is here to help you with fact.

beakerkin said...


The case is DOA. The Spanish government knows this is a publicity

Who else is admitted to the Spanish bar? Woody Woodpecker.

Spain does not deserve a black eye from a communist terrorist on an ego trip. The USA should immediately try Gonzalo Boye for his crimes and toss him in Gitmo
where he belongs. The jihadis at Gitmo can be bored by his droning on about the wonders of Marx. Now forcing Jihadis to listen to Marxist drivel would be worse than water boarding.

" Please infidel bastard water board me. Anything is better than listening to this stupid communist fool talk,"