Friday, April 17, 2009

National Day of Silence

This is one of the rare times I agree with some on the left. Hatred of gays in some corners is reflexive and socially acceptable. The problem is more severe than I had thought.

One of the sad parts about my experiences is casual attitude towards some at anti gay rhetoric. I was shocked to hear this rhetoric among African Americans and Vermonters who were by no means on the right. A surprising amount of these comments came from females who think they have "gaydar".

A perplexed human resources person wondered why I did not get upset when a stupid person in Vermont directed anti gay comments at me. I do not consider being mistaken for gay to be an insult. Now if someone wanted to insult me being called a Red Sox or Dallas Cowboy fan would raise my ire more. I worked in the fashion industry and lived in NYC and orientation is no big deal in a city where one can find people dressed like vampires, pirates and retro punk rockers.

We should treat anti gay bigotry as seriously as other forms of hatred. I was shocked to hear Blacks who would crucify you for using the N word bandy gay slurs casually.

That being said there are three main issues that one can have with the gay community and disagreement does not infer bigotry.

1 Gay marriage. I still favor civil unions as "marriage" is a religious term. Poultry points out that
one does get a license at a civil authority. However, this is more a matter of registration ala dog licenses.
2 At what age should the subject of homosexuality be brought up in the classroom. Personally, I think sixth grade is practical and the message should be tolerance.
3 Some gay parades and protests get carried away and are in bad taste. Protesting in Churches is disrespectful and harms their cause. Anyone who thinks all gays have good taste in clothing should see some of the outfits at a gay pride event. The person down the hall was perturbed when I jokingly called the NYC gay pride event the World Series of bad taste. Later on he agreed much of the antics and attire was over the top.

I do not begrudge people for matters of the heart that have zero to do with me. However, some gays need to show more respect for Christians who interpret scripture differently.

We will be a better country when such events like this are not needed.


Ducky's here said...

The right spends an entire day "teabagging" in public and you think gays are over the top?

Ducky's here said...

... and they even brought their kids to watch male on female teabagging. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the anti-religious bigotry coming from Sodom and Gommorah Land is WAY over the top. The day they stop slamming Christians and Evangelicals is the day I'll stop slamming them. Tit-4-tat is my motto.

The Pagan Temple said...

"That being said there are three main issues that one can have with the gay community and disagreement does not infer bigotry."

It doesn't infer bigotry to YOU, what it infers to them might well be a different story. That is precisely why a lot of people don't like them as a group, as a general rule. They are assholes if you disagree with any part of their beliefs. When it comes to intolerance, they are masters of the game.

I still haven't gotten over the guns, Bible-thumping rhetoric aimed by Obama at Pennsylvanians in San Francisco, and I guarantee you at least one third of the people in attendance at that rally were five-alarm fire gay, probably more than that. Obama knew what he was doing and saying, and he knew exactly who he was talking to and what they wanted to hear.

To hell with them.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of dog licenses, isn't it about time we insisted on jews getting a license?

God hates Jews.

beakerkin said...


You talk to God often. Does he look like George Burns?

Get some Prozac and get lost.