Tuesday, April 19, 2005

More Forgotten People in the Middle East

Another forgotten people of the Middle East are the Assyrians. Assyrians are not in Museums and live in a variety of countries. They are indigenous to Northern Iraq Southern Turkey , Parts of Syria and Iran. They will readily point out they are not Arabs in about 30 seconds.


Assyrians like Jews and Arabs are Semites but seperate from both. They descend from
the Akadians and date bask to 2400 BC. This would make them well over 4000 years old
and be well over 4000 years older than the Arabs who call themselves " Palestinians ". The Arabs have a variety of states to call home . The Assyrians like the Copts have no such state. Yet the forces of ignorance pretend they do not exist.
They also use fake idigenous people as their cause celebre. This is because their real agenda is blatantly Anti Jewish.

Like the Copts the Assyrians have their own distinct Religion. They were originaly Ashurites and the name Assyrian derives from their god Ashur. In 256 AD they adopted Christianity and the Assyrian Church was founded in 33 AD by Bartholemew , Thomas and Thadeus. The Assyrian people have a distinct religion unlike the Palestinians.

The Assyrians have had two languages in their history. That makes two more than the Palestinians had. The first language was Akkadian which was also written in cuneiform. The Arameans arrived and brought with them a language that supplanted Akkadian called Aramaic. " Although Assyria swithched to Armaic , it was not wholesale transplantation. The brand of Aramaic that Assyrians spokeand is heavily infused with Akkadian words,so much so that scholars refer to it as Assyrian Aramaic.

" When the Arabs and Islam swept through the Middle East 630AD,they encounterd 600 Years of Assyrian Christian civilization,with a rich heritage, a hughly deeloped culture, and advanced learning institutions. It is this Civilization which became the foundation of the Arab Civilization."

Read the next part carefully as it refers to the Ethnocide that I talk about in Don't be a Dhimmi. Brain dead people think that the conversion to Islam was voluntary. The conversions were often coerced at swordpoint or taxation. If Jim Crow was evil in the South why does the left have a problem with the Islamic equivalent of
Jim Crow the Dhimmi laws ? I have no problem stating that both are evil.

" But this great Assyrian Christian Civilization would come to an end in 1300 AD. The tax which the Arabs levied on the Christians, simply just being Christian , forced many Assyrians to convert to Islam to avoid the tax;this inexorably drainedthe community, so that by the time Timurlane the Mongol delivered the final blow in 1300 AD ,by violently destroying most of the cities in the Middle East,the Assyrian Community had dwindled to its core in Assyria,and henceforththe Assyrian Church of the Middle East would not regain its former glory,and the Assyrian Language,whichhad been the lingua franca of the Middle East until 900AD ,was suplanted by Arabic(except amongst the Assyrians ) . This , from 1300AD until World War One became the second Assyrian dark age "

" In this Century , Assyrians have suffered massive Gennocide, have lost the control of their ancestral landsand are in a struggle for survival. The Assyrian nation today stands at a crossroad. One third of it is in diaspora,while the 2/3 lives perilously in its native lands. These are some of the dangers, facing the Assyrians:

1 Denominationalism and fragmentation
2 Islamic Fundamentalism
3 Arabization
4 Cultural immersion and absorption into Arab Societies. Mass immigration to the West and absorption into Western Societies.


Jason_Pappas said...

Let’s see how the left thinks about this:

But they’re not on the official list of approved victims! Can we blame their plight on the US or Israel? No? They can’t be victims. Can we trace their suffering to the policies of past Presidents – i.e. Republican Presidents? No? They can’t be suffering. Will they further the “Bush agenda?” Ignore them.

That's the moral bankruptcy of the left in a nut shell.

beakerkin said...

John that may sum it up but it is sad. The left likes to talk about suffering but only of those they deem worthy. It would be nice if they could say let us champion these other people.

The plight of the Copts and Assyrians falls on deaf ears. What is wrong with the left ?

Jason_Pappas said...

What is wrong with the left? I believe they are still in shock that their dream of a socialist paradise has left over 100 million dead. Reality wouldn’t allow their dream, so now all they have left is their hatred. They have a clear idea of what they are against – capitalist America – but they have only a vague feeling of what they are for. With nothing but hatred they’ve become nihilistic and bitter. I've written about the caustic effect of nihilistic leftists

I’m talking about the far left, of course. There are still many honest and good-natured moderate liberals. Let’s separate the nihilists from the honest reformers who we may from time to time agree or respectfully disagree. Don’t let the crazies get you down. Hate doesn’t win in the end – at least not in America.

beakerkin said...

That was some article but we have moved into mental illness. The far left seems to be a cult and incoherent.

If there is vision on the left I can not find it. Interestingly Greens and anarchism seems fashionable amongst the left. They are still aruguing moot points.

Yet I do not understand why they seem oblivious. History Judged the left and it lost.