Tuesday, April 05, 2005

More Coverage from Non Readers (Recidivist)

I am amazed how someone who claims not to read my illiterate blog spends so much time
and on my blog. I should get a production credit but being that it is fact and source free you can keep the kudos

The Lesser Skilled Trollus Zionistus Minimus

He offers comedic critique

1 Provide a link to a zionist propoganda site where the prescripted lie is available but generally still unsubstantiated. ( But you will never find the fact anywhere else in the literate world )

This is hysterical when it comes from a person that provides no sources. He also does not provide examples of his claim.

2Provides a broken link
read one

3 Povide a link and Paraphrase any conclusion incorrectly in the hope you wont look too closely
read one

4 Pretend that you haven't challenged him and move the discussion on- normaly to some other unrelated conflict or to some sweeping generalization about Muslims,Muslim
Countries, the left wing treachery against your country.

It is called demonstrating hypocritical double standards and history. He also does not provide examples

5 Dissmiss your challenge as being motivated by bigotry or based on folklore( in other words avoids answering )

Your hypocrisy and various bigotries were well doccumented. Warren broke down the quotes and I worked on your pattern of double standards.

Unsubstantiated claims with no sources that contradict history and proven sources are charitably described as folk lore. You have yet to challenge anything and need more help.

In another brain impaired post the Recidivist post a story about a Russian who wants to emigrate to Australia. Left unmentioned are the one third of French Jews who are considering going to Israel to avoid self righteous bigots like the Recidivist. Also not mentioned are the Falash Mura who waited years to get into Israel and are black.
Not mentioned are the Shinlung who are also applying to come to Israel and they are Asian. That refutes the idiotic racist charge.


Recidivist said...

Why would a post about an Australian High Court ruling mention French Jews or the Shinlung?

It wouldn't - and only a blustering old busted racist fart like Beakerkin would expect it to.

beakerkin said...

No I know know your problem is reading comprehension. The point was clearly made in the post. This is a problem that occurs through various post.

The point is hundreds of Shinlung
are waiting to make Aliyah. Thousands of Black Falasha Mura left Eithiopia to go to Israel. Only a illucid person would miss the math. 1 person in Australia vs thousands of Falashsa Mura who are
black. There goes your racist rhetoric.

SL&V said...

You're going back to the same inadequate response.

One person comes up with a comment, you counter that comment not with a response to the facts IN the original comment but with something that bears no immediate relation to the facts already in discussion thereby adding a second and third point of discussion when you should really only be discussing the first point.

Do you have A.D.D.?