Saturday, April 23, 2005

Spanking the Recidivist Part 3

Part of the mendacity of the braind dead Recidivist is repeating a lie often enough so that people will believe it. The old lie is I am not anti American I just bash it every two seconds and spread malicious false information. He also does not use sources,facts ,intelligence or logic in any form. His usual response is you are a LIAR, Hypocrite , PATHETIC or Racist against people who are not races in any definition. When one has a (chortle) IQ of 167 one doesn't need to use sources.

" Would it be a shock that more men are killed in the United States because of their
sexual orientation in the United States alone than the total number of all the murders in the entire UK ". He provides no source for his latest absurd qoute and complains about the lack of sources in this blog . We provide them with each and every post.

He lists seven deaths highlighted by Mathew Sheppard who was brutally killed but apparently not because he was gay. According to ABC Mathew Shepard was not killed due to his orientation but due to drug addiction of the perpetrators.

According to the FBI statistic 6 homicides were attributed to sexual orientation in the year 2003 in a nation of 270,000,000. One murder is one too many but the number of murders in London alone was about 150. There were more hate crimes commited against Jews then gay men. Morover the number of anti Jewish incedents was eight times higher then that for Muslims. Obviusly basic math is not the strong point of the Recidivist who by the way has a 167 IQ.

A major differece between anti gay violence in the USA and the Muslim world and Cuba
is that it is not the policy of the government. All crimes are prosecuted in the USA
even if they are not hate crimes.The penalties in the Muslim world and Cuba are from the state government itself. This fact is conveniently ignored by the Recidivist who
by the way has an IQ of 167. He knows these facts but is spinning his usual Anti American and Anti Israel/Jewish left wing drivel. If he doesn't know it then he is really brain impaired.

Questions from Peter Varnel 08/28/02 Chicago Free Press
1Which Middle Eastern Nation has no sodomy laws nor uses vauge charges such as " offenses against religion " or " immoral conduct" to imprison and persecute gays and lesbians?
2 Which Middle eastern country has a variety of gay organizations which safely conduct gay advocacy efforts ?
3 Which Middle Eastern country has a gay and lesbian community center in its capital city ?
4 Which Middle Eastern Country holds annual Gay Pride parades ?
5 Which Middle Eastern Country has members of parliment who actively support and speak out on behalf of gays and lesbians
6 In which Middle Eastern Country did the head of state meet with gay activists ?
7 Which Middle Eastern country lests gays and lesbians join its military services ?
8 Which Middle Eastern Country broadcasts programs about gays and lesbians on its television stations?
9 And A bonus question : When gays in Palestine are forced to flee persecution , what Middle Eastern Country do they usualy flee to ?

The answer for the brain dead one is Israel ,everyone else knew the answers.

"The contrasting treatment of gays men in neighboring Arab counties such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt is well known: Gays are beheaded or sentenced to long prison terms "
This is hardly a relevation to most except the man with the 167 IQ . He leaves out this details to his largely gay readership. In fact he calls the conveyance of the truth as racism. He talks about the United States persecuting Gays but ignores the countries that persecute gays namely the Islamic Countries and Cuba.

The whole article is at

Near the closing the Author has a message about the mindless Recidivist.
"But Gays who support Palestine,and they seem almost entirely on the far reaches of the political left,give lie to the frequent demand made by gays on the left that the rest of us must support some "progressive" polotician or policy because it supposedly
benefits gays, even though doing so would compromise or violate some basic political
principles we as individuals may hold ".

There are gays that live in reality like bloger Kerry Harris Queers Against Terror &
Gender Aparthied

" A number of Gay Palestinian men are risking their lives to cross the borber into Israel claiming they feel safer among the Israelis than their own people. According to some estimates there are 300 gay and Palestinian secretly living and working in Israel ..... One 22 year old from Gaza ..told the BBC he was almost killed when his family found out about his sexuality.......Most Palestinians gays say they would rather live under house arrest in Israel , where homosexuality is not considered a crime ,than at home. The man alleged the Palestinian police tortured him "

Another lie told by the Recidivist " in the U.S. there are far more hate crimes commited against gays then against Jews. According to the FBI in 2003 there were 1025 hate crimes commited against Jews and 910 against gay men . There were only 171
against Muslims in case anyone was wondering.

This next part is comedic because the same person who is silent about countries that
kill or imprisons gays now points to an obcure church. No matter how bigoted the Church is they have not imprisoned or killed gays unlike the PA. Remember the USA is much larger as well. I have never dennied there are bigots in the USA. We certainly see several from the UK as well on this blog including one who claims to have an IQ
of 167.

" He disputes that the suggestion that there elements in the U.S which actually celebrate when a gay man is murdered or commits suicide because he is no longer able to deal with the effects of persecution. ( Never said anything close. This is opposed to the PA and Muslim governments that persecute gays and sometimes kill gays as policy ) I will once more point him in thedirection of the Westboro Baptist Church
and God hates Fags-he evidently chose to ignore it the last time he was shown.Not only will he see the celebrations of his fellow right wing bigots,but he will see proposals by a Church for monuments to celebrate the murder of Gay men and women.
(This behavior seems more typical of the PA which actually kills gays then Conservatives. We are supposed to be more offended by a crank church then a government that persecutes gays as policy) But he does think that it is bigoted to question the value of organized religion. ( This is hypocritical coming from a person who screams about percieved racism on my part against Muslims. )

His moronic assertions about Nazism will be covered in the next instalment.

"This is the type of blissfully ignorant person who actually thinks that American and Western values are all good and instantly exportable and acceptable to the rest of the planet and who thinks that it is anti west ,anti America and Anti Christian to question whether or not western society is so perfect"

Comming from a person that wants to place these Western standards on Israel alone this is hysterical.Yes American and Western values are superior and the idiot infers it himself in his illucid post "What is racism". In Fact his refusal to think that the third world is capable of living up to Western values and yearning for freedom is both racist and condescending.


John Brown said...

I love it when these wacko just throw out meaningless numbers to shock people. I rememebr the feminist who was going around saying more women were beaten on Super Bowl Sunday than ant other day of the year.

beakerkin said...

I don't check numbers but that seemed absurd. If the number hit double digits there would be media all over the place. The Recidivist has an AntiAmerican, AntiJewish /Israeli blog and has been bashing the Pope non Stop.


Don't leave comments because he deletes them.The sad part is that he thinks he is a genius.

John Brown said...

OT: You need a blogroll so you can put CitzCom on it.

beakerkin said...

When my technical advisor comes that will be taken care of. My 16 year old nephew will handle the glitch with blogrolling