Friday, April 22, 2005

Spanking the Recidivist Part 1

This blog uses sources that we provide for our readers. The man with the 167 IQ almost never does provide sources for his material. His content deserves a crank dot
net Hall of Shame nomination. He call people illiterate and posts sentences with 60 plus words and seven comma or in his case comas. Then again I do not run around pointing fingers at others.

We do not believe in violence at the Beak Speaks . Our spanking of the comatose man with a 167 IQ will be metaphorical. We will begin this series of spankings with his unique obsession with Israel and the Joooooooos , ahem Zionists.

The brain impaired one would have one believe that Israel is the worst human rights violator on the planet. He focuses his daily rants on Israel alone and does not allow anyone to question his absurd claims. "Palestinians are not Arabs " except that the PLO charter is loaded with claims to the contrary. Every time he opens his mouth he leaves proves beyond a shadow of a doubt how ignorant he is.

Freedom House is an independent organization that rates countries freedoms.
There are two numbers PR Political and CL civil liberties. Remember that Israel is a country in a perpetual state of near war since its inception. The reason for that is the Arabs wanted all of the land and to eliminate the Jewish state.However even under the most adverse conditions Israel is rated PR 1 and CL 3 Free

The Recidivist ignores the following countries due to his Jooooooo fixation

Country PR CL Rating Comment
Afghanistan 6 6 Not Free Maybe he will say a word to bash Bush and Blair
Albania 3 3 Part Free Nada
Algeria 6 5 Not Free " "
Angola 6 5 Not Free " "
Azerbaijan 6 5 Not Free " "
Baharain 5 5 Part Free
Bangladesh 4 4 Part Free Any Comment on Chodhurry ?Nope
Belarus 6 6 Not
Bhutan 6 5 Not
Bolivia 3 3 part
Bosnia 4 4 part
Brazil 2 3 free
Brunie 6 5 not
Burkina Faso 4 4 part
Burma 7 7 not There are plenty of indigenous people in Burma
Burundi 5 5 part
Cambodia 6 5 not
Cameroon 6 6 not
Cen Afr Rep 7 5 not Plenty of evil no comment . Pattern yet
Chad 6 5 not
China 7 6 not The Recidivist doesn't deem Tibetians worthy
Columbia 4 4 part Civil War with drug traficking Marxists
Comoros 5 4 part
Congo (Bra) 5 4 part
Congo (Kins) 6 6 Not
Coite Ivorie 6 5 Not
Cuba 7 7 Not This country jails Homosexual
Djibouti 5 5 Part
East Timor 3 3 Part
Ecuador 3 3 Part
Egypt 6 6 Not Free The Recidivist laughed at the Copts Plight
El Salvador 2 3 Free
Eq Guinea 7 6 not
Eritrea 7 6 not
Eithiopia 5 5 part
Fiji 4 3 Part
Gabon 5 4 Part
Gambia 4 4 Part
Georgia 4 4 part
Guatemala 4 4 Part
Guinea 6 5 Not
Guinea Biss 6 4 Part
Hati 6 6 Not
Honduras 3 3 Part
India 2 3 Free
Indonesia 3 4 Part
Iran 6 6 Not Homosexuals are killed as government policy No word
Iraq 7 5 Not
Jamaica 2 3 Free
Jordan 5 5 Part This isn't even close to Israel
Kazakhistan 6 5 not
Kenya 3 3 Part
Kuwait 4 5 part
Kyrgistan 6 5 Not Free
Laos 7 6 Not
Lebanon 6 5 Not
Lesotho 2 3 Free
Liberia 6 6 Not
Lybia 7 7 not
Macedonia 3 3 Part
Madagascar 3 3 Part
Malawi 3 4 Part
Malysia 5 4 Part free
Maldives 6 5 Not Free
Mauritania 6 5 not free Has any one noticed a patern
Moldova 3 4 Part
Morocco 5 5 Part
Mozambique 3 4 Part
Namibia 2 3 Free
Nepal 5 4 Part
Nicaragua 3 3 part
Niger 4 4 part
Nigeria 4 4 part
North Korea 7 7 Not The Recidivist seems to ignore Communists
Oman 6 5 Not
Pakistan 6 5 Not
Paupua N.G. 3 3 Part
Paraguay 3 3 Part
Peru 2 3 Free
Philipines 2 3 Free
Qatar 6 6 Not
Russia 5 5 Part
Rwanda 6 5 Not
Saudi Arabia 7 7 Not No comment on real aparthied
Senegal 2 3 Free
Serbia 3 2 Free
Seychelles 3 3 Free
Sierra Leone 4 3 Part
Singapore 5 4 Part
Solomon Isl 3 3 Part
Somalia 6 7 Not
Sri Lanka 3 3 Part
Sudan 7 7 Not
Swaziland 7 5 Not
Syria 7 7 Not
Tajikstan 6 5 Not free
Tanzania 4 3 Part
Thailand 2 3 Free
Togo 6 5 Not
Tonga 5 3 Part
Trinidad 3 3 Part
Tunisia 6 5 Not
Turkey 3 4 Part Free Israel is freer than the sole Muslim democracy
Turkmenistan 7 7 Not
Uganda 5 4 Part
Ukraine 4 4 Part
UAE 6 6 Not
Uzbekistan 7 6 Not
Venezuela 3 4 Part
Vietnam 7 6 Not
Yemen 5 5 Part
Zambia 4 4 Part
Zimbabwe 6 6 Not

The bottom line is that every Muslim and Arab nation is rated less free than Israel.
Yet the brain dead one focuses about 40% of his blog on Israel and the Joooooos. Every Comunist Country is rated far worse than Israel. The Recidivist does not say a single word about Communists.In Fact Israel is Freer then 3/4 of the countries in the world. The only explanation for this monofocus on Israel is bigotry as Israel is the worlds only Jewish state. This bigotry extends to an absurd claim that Joooos
stole the Holocaust where 6,000,000. His good Joooos are leftist radicals who by definition as such are seditious to any country or ethnic group.

Bottom line is the Recidivist is bigoted , illucid , source and facts free and full of shit.



Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Whoa. You dedicate too much of your blog to this Recidivist guy. Maybe I should pick a leftist fight with you.

Damn it I tell you the sky is orange!

Prove me wrong prove me wrong!


Recidivist said...

40% of my blog? Shame you can't back that up as a fact and shame you don't point out that most mention of Israel is to counter you lies about Muslims.

Shame that you go to Frredom house and exclsively list countries which are not western, when I made a particular point of pointing out Israel's unique racist quality amongst WESTERN nations.

Shame that this alleged 'humiliation' turned out to be a total humiliation for you because you are attacking what I haven't even said.

You are so fact free and off the mark that it defies belief.

Have fun with your RACIST trolling. Well done Mr ILLUCID! :)

Jason_Pappas said...

As usual Recivist can't deal with your facts and even says he won't. He refuses to compare Israel with Arab and Islamic nations – which by regional considerations and given the current conflict, is the natural context for the discussion. He will only compare Israel to certain Western nations.

The mere fact that he plucks Israel out of the Middle East muck and considers it worthy of being included among Western nations (which it is), reveals an implicit confession of Israel’s greatness - something that the Arab dictatorships and Islamic theocracies miss by a mile.

beakerkin said...

The fact that you uniquely apply
Wetern Standards to a middle eastern Country is proof you failed Geography.

Your pieces theft of the Holocaust
and Zionism is racism had nothing to do with me.

You talk about lies but never post them . Time for more spanking of the brain dead.

Who appears on whose blog more often. I think you outpotme three to one without the low loader.

beakerkin said...


I am going to do a larger post on that. The fact that he submits Israel alone to these standards is

He never seems to criticize Communist Countries at all. He talks about his perception of my
bias but never posts it.

Jason_Pappas said...

Yes. And since he's typical of the far left, your point applies to more than just one deceitful propagandist. I’ve talk about how the left lies on principle. They explicitly hold that there is no objective truth – except when, as a tactical measure, they want you to scramble for evidence which they will summarily dismiss.

I discuss how they did this during the Kerry campaign and review a book that exposes the academic basis of this philosophy:

I look forward to your analysis.

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