Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Free Speech and the excesses of it

We have comedic visitors to this blog that claim I want to silence certain blogs. The only blog one can silence or control is your own. The price we pay for any freedom is that we must tolerate its excesses. Thus pornography , hate speech and ignorance are protected by this right. If there ever were an IQ requirement the Recidivists would have problems. Of late he seems to have lost his usual bluster and
arrogance. Fear not the First Amendment includes your comedy act. If someone were to
try and close your fact free folklore blog I would come to your defense. ( People who
can not spell defense should not call others illiterate).

Yes the Constitution protects idiots and people who would be best served by posting less. The sad part about the Recidivist is he has no clue as to how stupid he looks
to educated people.

He has claimed there is no Jewish ethnicity and talks of a Palestinian Ethnicity.
Yet lets do a closer comedic look at this farce.

Jews 5000 year historical identity
Distinct Language Hebrew
Religious Identity Unique

Palestinian 41 Years founded by Nasser in Egypt
Language Arabic ( Hardly Unique)
Religion ( Sunni Arab hardly unique )

Egyptian Copt 6000 year Historical Identity
Language (Yes used in prayer )
Religion ( Unique)
The Copts are the indigenous people of Egypt. They
are not Arab and quickly point this out.They suffer
daily and the self righteous left say zero

Assyrians 4000 Year History
Language Unique
Religion Unique
They are the indigenous people of Northern Iraq
They have been persecuted for generations.
Words said by the clueless left on Assyrians

Brooklynites 300years
Language Regional Dialect
Religion various

There is a reason that there never was a nation of Brooklyn. The reason is that it was part of a larger entity . The entire notion of a Brooklyn people would be absurd.
People who are Brooklynites are NYC residents and American Citizens. I will reconstruct a myth. There were the original residents the Canarsie Indians. They have been there for a thousand years. The connection of the current residents to the
Canarsie Indians is zero. They do not speak the Canarsie language or practice the Canarsie way of life or religion.

However this point is lost on the clueless Recidivist. The PLO charter calls for Arab unity. The call is not linguistic and there are numerous references to Palestinian Arabs. The reason is obvious they are generic Arabs and not indigenous to Israel. They are colonial invaders on soil that does not belong to them in a varity of areas.

The following people have better cases for nationhood Basques, Scotts, Tartars , Pastuns, Kurds, Various African and American Indian tribes,Baluchis, Karen,Tibetian,
and Druze. News flash the the Recidivist Druze are Arabs with a unique religion.

For someone who does not read this blog you spend a great amount of time responding to things we write here. I stand by my assertion you are a bigot without a clue. If Jews fall into every racial category how is it a racist state ? There is no Muslim or Arab race and your comments are the product of a lack of education. Kindly pick up a book and use it.

The fact that you rant and focus all your venom on the worlds only Jewish State to the exclusion of all others speaks for itself.


SL&V said...

"Yes the Constitution protects idiots and people who would be best served by posting less."

Bless you guv'nor, you're a true Republican now.

Craigy B said...

Or a true fascist.

Look at the hypocrite: He has a blog full of racist and vindictive shit dedictated to one single-minded pursuit, but he has the nerve to tell other people to post less.

Does Beakerkin post all this crap because anyone is attacking him? Not at all - he is the one attacking - he does it to attack others and he can't stand it when others turn the tables and show him up as a vindictive little trolling shit that he is.

Quite funny that Beakerkin then complains about illiteracy by picking up on the spelling of 'defence'.

Is Beakerkin really so dense in the head that he doesn't know that 'defence' is the correct spelling in the vast majority of the English speaking world? Or does he ignorantly assume that American English is the dominant form of the English Language?

And as for Jews having a distinct language which gives them a distinct ethnic identity - so distinct that 80% of the worlds Jews don't even speak this distinct language :)

viper85 said...

Could you show us where recidivist has claimed that there is no Jewish ethnicity? No excuses, just show us.

You can't can you, because it is just another one of your little fabrications. It is just like almost everything else you post: A LIE.

It is a good job that nobody actually takes anything you say seriously.

If there ever were to be an IQ (or spelling, or need to know facts) requirement, then you, Beakerkin, would be sunk without a hope.

You have been totally destroyed. A man would admit it; but only a coward like you would continue to bellyache and cry about it.

A competent troll would pick up the pieces and create a new identity for himself; but you don’t even have the intelligence to do that.

beakerkin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
beakerkin said...

Hawke You are a breath of fresh air
and I appreciate a good joke. Thanks

I am a Republican and proud of it.
There is more room for dissent on this side of the aisle. The fact that I am a Republican tells you
little about my individual views.
I prefer the freedom to form my own opinions. I do not follow a crowd like those on the left and some on the right.

beakerkin said...


The return of the ultimate toady without a clue as usual. There are
plenty of spelling errors in the fact free reality impaired Recidivist's blog. Count the run on sentences and about ten or so senteces that beging with because
and get back to me. I do not call
anyone illiterate and in personal
correspondence I use spell check.
This is a far cry from the abuse of puntuation and grammar found in the Recidivists blog.

Jews have been praying in Hebrew for thousands of years. The fact is that they even developed patios
of hebrew and other languages . The reason that theses patios languages developed is that Jews are a unique culture. There is no basis or source for your 80% and it
is irrelevant. There is a Jewish language and several patios as well
What is the unique Palestinian language ? They have a regional dialect much like Brooklyneese.

Fascists do not run open forums but they do exclude dissent. This seems to describe a friend of yours. I am practicing my right to free speech. I have never censored
anyone or called for silencing anyone. The post less remark was humor a subject you seem to be unfamiliar with.

Now time for an English lesson as you are illiterate. There is no Muslim or Arab race . One can not be a racist against races that do not exist. Pick up a dictionary and use it. There is a slim chance
you will not appear ignorant but in your case it seems natural

beakerkin said...


The useless idiot in the special education class run by the Recidivist. As you and the Recidivist have made a series of unsubstantiated claims I am under no obligation to grant your request. However I will make an exception in this case.

On Zionist Racism & Trolls :The Recap

"In fact all the evidence of the day is that there is no such thing
as the Jewish ethnic identity .."

Your clown absolutely made that remark.

Now if you don't don't mind pointing out examples of "racist "
in my posts or comments. I have said Arabs have 22 nations to choose from.

I have not denigrated the Islamic religion but reported historical facts

Being that you are uneducated I will point you in the right direction.


They are former muslims and say things I would never go near.I do not go anywhere near the religion.
Nor are they Zionists either because they denouce that too.

While you are at it vistit Vohuman,
AMCoptic, AINA , The Berazin Archives and see if you detect a pattern. I could easily add African
accounts as well. All those people
are saying similar things are they all LIARs.

SL&V said...

I notice you're still ignoring the fact that YOU spelt defence incorrectly...

Oh and by the way your constitution does nothing to protect us in the UK. Pull out a map sometime eh?

beakerkin said...

Gentleman Hawke

We do spell it differently here but unlike the Recidivcist I will
raise my hand and say he has me on that fairly minor point. I am able
to laugh at this fairly minor matter. Do you allow sentences to
beging with because over there as well ? He did that 15 times in a row. I will not even adress run on
sentences. He looks stupid for bringing up the topic at all .

The problem is that the Recidivist
deleted my posts. Were they Racist
he should have allowed them to stand and discredited me. Nothing
in my blog is remotely racist or bigoted. My point was Arabs have 22
states allready. Palestinians are Arabs and I explained how they got
where they are.

There is a subtle point that you missed in the presentation. I based
my presentation on historian Howard Zinn's Peoples History of the United States. If this technique is biased against Arabs
then the same standards should apply when done to US history.

SL&V said...

What does ANY of that have to do with either of the points that I raised?
Well done for "laughing off" a misspelling, especially after making such a big deal out of it. Once again you ignore what doesn't work in your favour.
Hardly the basis for balanced debate.

beakerkin said...


You have a good blog .Can't say I agree with you often but you are interesting.Being boring is the worst crime of all.

The spelling was a minor issue in
a much larger post. Starting 15 sentences in a row with because is much more serious. I do not make
a major issue of it and it was not
central to my arguments. It was a fairly minor point in a larger post.

The Recidivist is hardly the one to lecture anyone about civility
as you can could do a post on the names he called me as well.

I raised plenty of other major issues . None were adressed and the Linguistic references in the PLO charter are seriously comedic.
That entire response from the Recidivist is invalid to anyone litterate.

As far as the Constitution I like our system better. I would rather
speach be unrestricted than to get into the hate speech routine. Nothing in my blog qualifies as hate speech. If I had made a commentthat could be twisted Viper
or the Recidivist would have done it.

I enjoy your sense of humor.

viper85 said...

Your blog is ALL HATE. If you are too dumb and too blind to see that, then I am sure that we all understand why you fail to see that you are a laughing stock.

beakerkin said...

This is typical of the ramblings of
the useless idiot Viper. The term
I use is from Marx . He is too stupid to be a good Marxist so he has traded Karl for Zeppo. The other Marx brothers were too intelligent.

He comes here talking about the crimes of zionism and that I am full of hate. He demands proof of
where his hero said something and
I show him where. Meanwhile he throws a hissy fit calls me a hypoctite, liar, racist (facist is
Craig) and now full of hate.

This site is liked to other forums
and I asure you the man with the
(gufaw) 167 IQ is being laughed at.
Your desperation cries that I am
defeated or being laughed at are

You have a whole post or blog to
deal with points. So far you have
a mispelling and have refuted zero
or found zero incorrect facts.