Wednesday, October 08, 2008

America will survive

Ultimately America will survive the credit crisis and President Obama. The media and the inept response by team McCain has failed to point out the causes of the credit mess.

No commodity can ever rise in a straight line forever. The insane real estate bubble has overheated for decades. Ultimately, this could be a positive in the long run if it is managed correctly. The get rich by house flipping scam days are over.

The recovery will be delayed by Obamoronic economic policies. The proposed health care plan will be a disaster. Of course Obama will never get around to fixing big education that is where all his communist peers work.

We will survive the credit crisis and President Obama. I am thinking about the horror show types from academia that could end up in an Obama cabinet that would make Lani Guiner look like a bargain.

JC Watts in 12


Ducky's here said...

The insane real estate bubble has overheated for decades.


Of course that's incorrect but you do imply that it started during St. Ronnie Raygun's term. Probably around the time his brain tissue was rotting.

kuhnkat said...

Duckfart spews yet again. Nothing like the commie propaganda machines to run forever. Too bad they could get nothing else to run one tenth as well!!


Wonder how Obammie managed to garner the second most contributions from Frannid Maec in the short 3 years he had in Congress??

But HEY, the FACT that the Mortgage banks were providing LIQUIDITY to the Socialist Pyramid Scheme at the directions of the Socialist Cabal called the Dhimmicrat Party has absolutely NOTHING to do with the scale of the economic disaster. Does it Ducktard!!!


You MORON!!!!

Ducky's here said...


We need to make sure to see a bit of a reckoning in our mainstream media, which even more than the most right wing academic economists have over the past couple of decades embraced the Magic Free Market Fairy as the answer to all things.

The Washington Consensus: wrong about everything, all the time.

Ducky's here said...

The economy is in tatters and shambles, and it's tattering and shambling its way along no matter what bailouts and rescues and Jim Cramer rant choruses are thrown at it. Now's the time for our presidential candidates to show leadership and vision, right? Not according to kuhncat, who thinks America needs to find out if our market woes weren't actually caused by a secret plan, hatched during a meeting of the Annenberg Challenge, in which Barack Obama and William Ayers agreed to use Weather Underground mind control techniques to convince Henry Paulson to stand back and do nothing while Ayers terror-bombed Lehman Brothers with his radical liberal derivatives. Why can't America understand that everyone got deep into bad mortgages and crazy credit default swaps because Barack Obama attended a Chicago Machine Church?