Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Free Speech Fascist at it Again

The Huffington Post reports Muslims in a Dayton Ohio mosque were gassed just after the release of the film Obsession. I have looked for mainstream accounts of this story and have found no corroboration of this. This is the type of story that the MSM typically
would be running 24/7.

Even if this story is true it is a leap to point to the release of a film as being responsible for a hate crime. A similar leap of logic would have the Koran blamed for 9-11 and other hate crimes committed by Muslims. Muslims need to understand that our
traditions of freedom of speech include people who see Islam differently than they do.
Muslims do not have a right to censor other people's freedom of speech. They can protest and certainly do voice their own opinions with no dissenting voices at University gulags.

Sorry but the folks at the Huffington Post have gone off the deep end. Lets see I got
a bad case of gas after watching yet another Bette Midler movie thus in the mind of the demented watching bette midler movies causes gas. The gas was likely caused by
the Kielbasa and Pirogies I ate at a Polish restaurant but the folks at the Huffington site are devoid of logic.

Update According to Fox a police investigation found no evidence of a hate crime.
Moreover, there are wild discrepancies in accounts from the Fox report it appears that a 10 year old girl was allegedly sprayed with a mace like substance. This is a much different than a whole congregation being gassed.

PS The folks at the Huffington site banned Lance Thruster when his antisemitic comments became too much of an annoyance.

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Always On Watch said...

Maybe I'm mistaken, but I thought that the newspaper withdrew the reports for lack of corroboration.

Certain Moslems are desperate to squelch the distribution of the film Obsession. And you know what the reaction has been elsewhere? "I've gotta see that film!"

BTW, the sequel, The Third Jihad, is due out this month.