Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obama quits his Church but still doesn't get it

Barak Obama has severed his ties with a wacky racist, Marxist, anti American church that is more of a cult than a Church. Obama suffers from Old Bolshevik dementia. Communists tend to seek their fellow cultists to reinforce their flat earth vulgar ideas. Obama does not understand that many of us see Bill Ayers as a pariah who should be pushing up daisies for Marxist terrorist bombings.

We see shades of this dementia when communists like Ren and Graeme Striecher are clueless as to why Americans view them with disdain. Normal Americans do not sit up in a frothing self hating rage directed against their own country. A typical illustration of this dementia is anarchist Larry Gambone lecturing an African American CB about the evils of American History as if he owned markers for every mistake. The fact that CB is an African American and has nothing but love for America is just lost on this crowd.

There is an almost disconnect in the African American community. Rev Wright's Marxism stands at odds with the African Americans who serve in our armed forces and in agencies like my own.
These fellow Americans feel the same love of America and serve out of the same love I do.

Obama needs to seriously talk about how he feels about this country its history and break with


FJ said...

...and dump his base?

FJ said...

So beak, when are we going Swiss?