Sunday, June 01, 2008

UCU Fascism Old Bolshevik Networks and Theft

The recent move by the UCU in the UK to subject Israelis and Jews to a litmus test is classic Bolshevik fascism. The notion that a math professor should face a Marxist litmus test based entirely upon his religion, country of origin and ethnicity should offend all fair minded people. If Universities were professional a Mathematics professor would be judged solely on his ability to impart math and there should be no discussion of politics whatsoever.

Moves like this in higher ed and the hiring of communist terrorists show a serious need for reform.

The Beakerkin University Reform

1 No student loans or research grants unless tenure is eliminated
2 No research grants or loans for social sciences except psychology.
3 A serious examination into political manipulation in the hiring processes

If Universities want to participate in political activities than they should do so on their own dime.
Normal employees are terminated for abusing their jobs for advancement of political. I am not even allowed to display a picture of Abraham Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt on my desk. If universities are reliant upon the public dole than there needs to be accountability.

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