Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sanity on Energy

If you are pissed off about gas prices place the blame where it belongs leftists.

1) Build nuclear power plants and build them now.
2) Drill in Anwar and every other spot.
3) Use oil shale and coal gasification
4) Make mass transit tickets 40% deductable.
5) Invest in new mass transit
6) Build new refineries


Beamish said...

1) Build nuclear power plants and build them now.


2) Drill in Anwar and every other spot.


3) Use oil shale and coal gasification


4) Make mass transit tickets 40% deductable.


5) Invest in new mass transit

No. Do away with mass transit entirely.

6) Build new refineries


The Merry Widow said...

South Dakota is voting on whether to build the FIRST NEW REFINERY IN 30 YEARS!
THAT is abominable, no new refineries. So, when you get a Rita come ashore and shut down A SINGLE REFINERY, our supplies tank, and prices rise!
Try having to drive 20 miles just to find a station with gas...
And someone smack the leftistas and dhimmis in Congress, the prices have risen on their watch, they haven't done anything...except want to tack on MORE TAXES! Over half the cost of gasoline IS TAX ALREADY! Local, state and federal, ridiculous AND reprehensible.
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Anonymous said...

Gas prices have more than doubled since the Democrats took over the Congress and it's easy to understand why, Their treehugging policies virtually guarantee that the American and world economies will collapse, and that all the wealth of the west gets transferred into Middle Eastern and Hugo Chavez's hands. The reason why oil speculators are bidding the oil prices up so high is that if Democrats win in November, the stranglehold on energy will last at LEAST four more years.

Ducky's here said...

Half the cost of gasoline is taxes?

Gas is up two dollar a gallon in the last couple years and taxes remained static. I'm afraid the math doesn't wash, mw.

Forget about mass transit, Beak. Remember when President Chucklenuts wanted to dismantle AMTRAK? That kind of forward thought is still the norm in most of the country.
But I sure do like living on a subway line and having AMTRAK for trips to NYC or Maine. Gas crunch just isn't hurting me.

Ducky's here said...

Pump and dump is the financial MO of the Bushies. Of course with Phil Gramm being Candidate McCheese's campaign adviser you can expect to get a good screwing going forward.

This oil futures speculation is another type of bubble growing on the fears of supply. The money pump is as contrived as the above sentence. The Enron type of creative out of the box finance (i.e. unlawful) created by Gramm's legislation was probably cooked in the Cheney energy meetings. Too bad those details are still secret. Congress should probably put these documents in scope when they try to determine why oil prices are so volatile. This pump and dump scheme is brilliant because presumably the price has no theoretical ceiling. It's like a perpetual motion machine that keeps outputting energy without any cost, but the costs are hidden. It's the game that keeps paying with low outlay.

Anonymous said...

Yep, ducky's on his toes spinning now. You must have hit a sensitive nerve, beakerkin... a little too close to home & ground truth.

Anonymous said...

mr. ducky, when you immediately go into BioB mode, it's the poker equivalent of a "tell"...

BioB - Blame it on Bush

Papa Frank said...

How many refineries could have been built with the money already spent on the presidential primaries?

Anonymous said...

None. No refinery or nuke plant could ever successfully pass through the Environmental Impact Study/ Permitting process. Otherwise we'd already be waist-deep in 'nearly free' nuclear power and energy for battery powered cars.

Z said...

I'm with Pops. How many, indeed.

imagine how many millions will be spent from now till November?

and that's just on valium and prozac to get us through!! :-)

Ducky's here said...

Why is current refinery output at 80%

The Merry Widow said...

Probably planned maintinence, they got in LOTS of trouble last year for NOT keeping up...after all, they have all that copious free time because we have enough refineries to take up the slack...


The Pagan Temple said...

This is great for the energy companies.

1. Supply is down
2. Demand is up
3. Prices rise to reflect one and two, therefore profits go up.
4. Expenses go down, therefore resulting in profits being even higher
5. Oil companies say, hey, why should we build more refineries. It will be an added expense, and at the same time result in greater supply, so our profits will go down. As long as supply stays down we have a ready made excuse to keep our prices and profits high at less expense.
6. The tree huggers say, hey, we'll give you a hand with all that, just give us some endowments, which are tax deductible, you know.
7. Shell and BP set aside money for alternative energy research, as a bribe to said tree-huggers, who demand action by Congress to combat global warming.
8. Democrats and moderate Republicans lobby for passage of a new energy policy which, if passed, will result in taxes on oil companies.
9. Oil companies pass this tax on to the customers at the pump.
10. Oil companies make even more profits, on which they pay even more taxes, which is used to fund even more bribes er I mean programs.
11. Arab leaders see all this and raise their prices too. Why the hell not? Then they blackmail us to sell them arms. If we don't, the Islamists take over the oil fields.
12. Arab leaders don't really care if they do. They have enough money to live like kings for the rest of their lives-in Switzerland or wherever else the hell they want to.
13. We are so screwed.

Beamish said...

I think we need an intelligent compromise.

First, we need to realize that no argument for expanding domestic refining capabilities is going to get past leftist "environmental" watchdogs. At least, not without some fine tuned bait-and-switchery.

This wouldn't be all that hard. Given the documentable record of over 200 years of all forms of leftists having the common trait of being physically incapable of formulating a rational thought, we don't actually have to make them happy - we only have to make them think they matter we we walk past their cups without buying a pencil.

So, we tell them we're going to build all new refineries that pollute only half as much as the refineries we have now.

And then, we build twice as many.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are still waiting for the "immaculate" energy/global warming solution. Meanwhile, while they're on their search for the Holy Grail, Camelot's getting ready to topple over into the Firth of Fourth.

Tweedle Dem and and Tweedle Dim defer and debate as Rome burns.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I've heard that two refineries are being built; one of them is blasted continuously on the Fox channel to the point where it is driving me batshit insane (so I quit watching Fox altogether because of their insipid and repetitive commercials).

I don't see the point in banning mass transit, Beamish. Please explain, because i.e., NYC, a lot of people don't own cars. How would they get to work? I think the Duck has you cornered on his argument on AMTRAK.

And Duck - you really need to get a blog going.

Beamish said...


Mass transit only takes you where it goes. I enjoy me freedom of movement. Whenever I want to.

I see mostly empty publicly-subsidized buses and trains all through St. Louis, running on my dime already.

Kinda like Amtrak.

Warren said...

I've explained this to a number of people.

Nostradumbass will never open a blog. If he did, all of his stupidity would be right there in one steaming pile for everyone to search through. He would spend all of his time editing it to hide the reason I call him "Nostradumbass".

He has a habit of making predictions, especially those about impending economic doom a stock market crash and economic depression, that just never quite happen.

We have heard them at least every other month for the last seven years.

Anonymous said...

If we don't act now, if we continue to finance the enemy- we going to lose our Country.

Final phase is here.

problem is with fast switch to a different transportation energy agent

there is only one solution we can enact in literally months

in USA 200 billion gallons of gasoline and diesel is consumed every year
1 gallon of gasoline/diesel is sold retail for $5.

Methanol on the other hand can be easily, cheaply AND domestically produced from :
trash, waste, biomass, crop residues, coal and natural gas!!!!

And methanol is dirt cheap.

Even now when USA capacity to produce methanol is under 1% of the total transportation fuel needs of this country, it is sold under $ 4 a gallon retail.

The cost to produce and distribute methanol LOCALLY is under $1 a gallon.

In order to substitute the above mentioned 200 billion gallons of gasoline and diesel of USA annual consumption with METHANOL-

USA would need around 500 billion gallons of methanol for a ONE year of consumption.

Methanol could be produced from any biomass, waste or trash. One big standard Methanol PLANT produces : 1 million metric tons/year = 250 million gallons/year

Currently USA produces around 2 billion gallons of methanol/ year. Another 498 billion gallons are needed in order to COMPLETELY switch from oil-gasoline-diesel to methanol.

We need to built 2000 big methanol plants. Or much more smaller, locally distributed methanol production facilities.

Lets assume that cost to build ONE big methanol plant is around $100 million, if done without stealing of course. It may be even less, if we plan to build 2000 such plants. So, in order to switch our total transportation needs from oil to methanol we will have to invest, as a nation: $200 billion dollars.

Thats it. Simple as that. Well, some pennies for retroactive re-equipment of motors as well, for around$100 a motor.)))) Bush's Tax rebate checks should cover it in abundance.

Each year we pay to foreign countries $500 billion for oil.



1 million metric tons a year is 250 million gallons


In March 2004, the German Lurgi and the Iranian Petroleum Development Co. signed an agreement on the construction of methanol plant in Iran for €160 million. The construction of a third and fourth methanol plant will bring their output to 3.4 million tons per year, and Iran's share of the world market will grow from 1.49 to 6.35 percent. The construction of the second plant will make Iran the world's largest methanol producer.


Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Limited (MHTL) announced that its M5000 methanol plant achieved first methanol production on September 23, 2005 and expected to achieve full production of 5400 tons per day, making it the largest methanol plant in the world, during the first week of October. The total production capacity of MHTL's four plants is now about 4 million metric tons per annum (11,000 tons per day).


Methanol PRODUCER CAPACITY in Millions of gallons per year

Air Products, Pensacola, Fla.
Beaumont Methanol, Beaumont, Tex.
Celanese, Bishop, Tex.
Clear Lake Methanol, Clear Lake, Tex.
Coastal Chem, Cheyenne, Wyo.
Eastman Chemical, Kingsport, Tenn.
Lyondell, Channelview, Tex.
Millennium Petrochemicals, LaPorte, Tex.
Motiva Enterprises, Delaware City, Del.
Total U.S.
Celanese Canada, Edmonton, Alberta
Methanex, Kitimat, B.C.
Total Canada
Total U.S. and Canada


God Bless USA