Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Clinton Curse

When the final obituary on Hillary 08 is written part of the blame lies in over handling. The truth was Bill Clinton was an embarrassment and a liability. Hillary did her best when she was less choreographed.

The Clinton's waited too long to counter the Obama momentum. The Clinton's depend on the Black community for support and were late to respond to Obama for fear of weakening that support.

Obama is heading to defeat, but he has to look in the mirror. He never quite understood that a "uniter" really should not be fraternizing with Racial arnonist pastors or bomb throwing commies. Obama could have come clean and discussed this ow the as an error of youth.

Those on the left do not understand the rest of us view the hate America rhetoric. Many of us waited for Gomer Kerry to have a I went way too far moment. Kerry's Sgt York act coupled with fronting a communist group with fake veterans was way too much for many Americans.

Obama needed to have a heart felt message explaining his youthful anger and quasi Marxist fellow traveling. Americans are not going to elect a President who views his country as evil. Many people have stupid ideas in their youth and then grow up.

The bottom line is that the Clintonista media machine abandoned her for a fresh face albeit one that has zero substance. You waited for Hillary to adapt but it did not come until it was way too late.

What is the legacy of eight years of Clintonian self absoption? Clinton fatigue is a very real factor
and fancy media campaigns did not breathe life into Hillary. Hillary's few moments came when she emerged from a cacoon of handlers and went out to the people and into hostile forums like the O'Reilly Factor. For Hillary, she hit her stride too late to make a difference.

Beamish in 08 is looking better every day


The Pagan Temple said...

I'd vote for Beamish before I would vote for the guy Beamish is going to vote for. Then again, I'd vote for the skeletal remains of Boss Tweed before I would vote for the guy Beamish is going to vote for, so that ain't really saying much.

Beamish said...

Beamish in 08 is looking better every day

How can you say that? My name also wasn't on the ballot in Michigan and no Michigan delegates are being awarded to me. But Obama gets some.


Affirmative action, I guess.

Always On Watch said...

Is Howard Dean going to pull in John Kerry as "the peacemaker"? I think that I heard him allude to that idea last week?

Jungle Mom said...

I will vote for McCain but I would rather vote for Beamish...or myself.

The Merry Widow said...

I'm seriously considering writting him in...

Beamish in '08!

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, beak, had he come out earlier as a uniter, his commie brothers would have spiked his campaign...