Monday, June 16, 2008

Popular Culture

I want to thank the folks at AMC for showing the deleted scenes.are One can pick up exactly where they are by the sound of the voices. Eli Wallach and Eastwood did provide their own voices
but the differencho have is noticeable. A voice actor did Lee Van Cleef's lines. The extra 16 minutes does enrich the story.

I urge those who have seen this film many times to watch the director's cut and thank us later.

A friend in New York City pondered if I named my girlfriend in VT (Northwind) after the Slim Whitman song by the same name. This is not true, but it would be quite funny if it were. As far as finding Northwind goes she leaves a trail of beer cans and finds you when she is broke.

The music of Slim Whitman is something that I spoofed long before Mars Attacks. In college a close friend and I created comedic ch arachters based upon people we knew. A regular running gag was based upon the drugged sleazy Israeli womanizer named Dror. Dror was based upon a real person whose lame pickup lines were hysterical. We would have him striking out in bars singing The Indian Call of Love off key and forgeting the lyrics. Other sons parodied in those skits were Blue Bayou, Please Release Me, The Polish Prince, Suspicious Minds and a few others.

I am waiting for Dr Yeagley or any of our native American readers to say something poignant about the injustices of Slim Whitman's song. Dr Yeagley would propably point out that he has never seen any Native Americans yodeling in falseto even when smashed. Listening to the Indian Call of Love is probably punishment enough for its bad portrayal of Indians.

Now Communist anti-semites probably have a version that starts like this sung to Whitman's disasterous tune.

When I am blaming Joooooooooooooz
They will march trooooooooooooo........

I am starting to see the comedic possibilities of skewering Communist Anti-semites with a real version of this song.

Beamish in 08

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Ducky's here said...

Slim Whitman, featured in "Mars Attacks".
The film wasn't very good, either.