Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pardon That Genocide Please and a Helping of Coleslaw

Communist Renegade Eye seems to think that there is no connection between Communism and genocide. Commies frequently resort to legalisms when they do not have facts or logic. Thus Ren forgets the accepted term is class genocide. The notion that the two words are placed together to form a well accepted meaning eludes the brain impaired commie. The term class genocide also is commonly accepted by most except for communists and their lackeys.

Most of us understand classic genocide with your evil Nazi goon with a warped theory of eugenics.Eugenics is a far left idea, where a self described elite decided they should determine who should breed. The Nazi idiocy is the most extreme version of the malady championed by Margret Sanger who wanted to eliminate Blacks and met with the KKK. Sanger's brand of stupidity was opposed by those pesky evangelical Christians who commies castigate. Abortion has moved past this racialist past but even Jesse Jackson who opposed it in the 70's noted its effect on Blacks.

The record of Commies in genocide even on strict ethnic terms is also quite evident. Plenty of ethnic groups found themselves targeted by commies under Stalin. The Sandinazis targeted Indians and Ren submits an article claiming this was a "misunderstanding". Even good old butcher Pol Pot did pursue some ethnic groups as well. Oddly Muslims were forced to eat pork once a week and died at lower rates of starvation.

Ren starts with a basic lie that tries to pin all of the crimes in the Soviet Union on Stalin. There were ample crimes that precede Stalin and many of them are directly at the feet of Trotsky who
who Ren views as his Christ. Even insane Anarchist Emma Goldman was well aware of Trotsky's
record. Commie's like Ren shrug it off, perhaps Goldman being a Jooo was a premature Neocon.
Trotsky is and remains a war criminal with a record that is worse than Saddam. The notion of Trotsky being different from Stalin is wishful thinking. In reality more people would have died as Trotsky was intent on spreading the evil abroad. Domestically, there would have been more neoslavery via Troskyite idiocy on labor or creating perpetual war. This idiocy is not too far removed from the house of war and peace foolishness of jihad.

Communism, Nazism and Jihadism need the other to survive. The other is the force to blame when utopia fails to arrive. The glue of this grand alliance is anti-semitism. Thus it is not surprising that Ren wails about phantom ties between Nazis and zionists, claims Jewish opponents like Hitler while actively courting a genuine Nazi recognized by Stormfront. Thus Ren tries to hide his anti-semitism with code words like neocon, zionist and so forth. His partner Graeme sees all US politics through the prism of AIPAC, recently he backed off this mania.

The other needs to die so that the faithful will accept its monopoly on power. The masses must kill the kulaks who are to blame for communist malfeasence. When the Kulaks are dead we merely move on to the next group. This is the functional framework for repeated class genocide.

Thus if one starves whole segments of the population according to the mindless Ren this is not Genocide. Thus the behaviors of commies Mugabe, Kim Jong Mentally Ill, Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao and so forth are swept under the rug. The repeated links between Communism and starvation
are factual. Of course Starvation does happen in non communist countries but this is typically related to extreeme weather or population. Zimbabwe was a dreadful place that exported food.
Add Communist mismanagement and surprise we get a starving populace. Ren also denies that Mugabe has any communist credentials. Commies play this game with Pol Pot as well.

Commies frequently play games claiming their new version has nothing to do with historic crimes. The little game starts with all previous communisms were state capitalists or that Trotsky is the savior of communism. The latter argument is comedic and vulgar considering the actual record of Trotsky. Commies like to pretend that words are the basis for judging Trotsky.
Hitler also has his apologists who like Ren can take any of his lengthy words and interpret them creatively. However, Hitler is still correctly judged by his actions agressive warfare and idiotic vulgar eugenic genocide.

Eugenics springs from the same idiotic mindset that Communism,Greens and Jihadis. A self described elite as heirs to whatever sacred truth are the sole authority to act as God on Earth.
This is the warped mindset that says morality is whatever the party or group think claim it to be. Thus Commies like Ren will rail about food speculators, kulaks, land owners of various sizes .
This self described elite will act in the name of Marx or his agent on Earth and decide who will live and die and get what resources. Greens act in the name of the planet but are ultimately communism via another angle. Some commies like Kovel make a thin effort to hide their communism. Others like Norman Finkelstein abuse the term to escape being called a commie.
However one does not have to look far to find Green writings calling for the infanticide of some children. One might wonder how much of the Green idiocy is the result of entryism or because the warped amoral view lends itself easily to such a similar crowd of fools.

Commies like to castigate Christians who are clearly their superiors. How I spent my summer by Junglemom and Ren. Junglemom probably would describe serving a community via education and health care. Ren would probably describe stealing property he didn't own and directing the unwashed masses. Communists are elitists who as God's surrogate and as such they will decide who will live or die and how the rest will live. I contrast this with a Christian who values life and offers spiritual guidance. A priority in Christian orders has always been those unwanted children
that many Greens would let die.

The problem with Commies is structural. Scientists and Technocrats have been proven less able to run societies and less moral. There were plenty of deluded elitist types who launched the reign of terror, class genocide and the Holocaust. Even the Spanish Inquisition does not come close to the those recent attrocities. In a Constitutional system man's impulses are balanced against a fixed framework. This if often why Marxist freaks like Bader Ginsburg resort to foreign law.

Every thug in history has had his apologists including Hitler, Stalin , Mao and Pol Pot. The cult of Trotsky is no different than the other cults. Moreover every bad idea including Nazism, the Confederacy, Jihadism and yes Communism. Just as we can not remove the Holocaust from discussions of Nazism we can not remove class genocide from discussions of communism. In reality Communists may be self righteous but given the historical record this is a delusion of grandeur.

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Rather than thank the stars under which they were born that they live in an imperfect country that tolerates dissent, once commies come to power ALL dissenters must be killed or put into slave labor/ re-education camps.

Compromise with your enemies? Separate powers? What, are you nuts? Just kill them!