Friday, June 27, 2008

Ren's flunky makes more sense than Ren

Arguing with people about communism is like pissing in the wind. I won't indulge it any more especially when it is led by people who see history as a body count except for the body count of capatalism and its buddy funamentalist religion.

This statement is exactly the genocide denial and Christian bashing that I refer to. Lets see commies want to reject their own history of genocide and point the finger at Christians. The truth is that commies are more fundamentalist, bigoted and narrow minded than the Christians they castigate.

While Junglemom aids the poor as her calling and many of you serve your community what do communists do? They form alliances and practice entryism with the naive and similar extreemists ranging from Nazis and actual blood crazed jihadists.

Communists are more doctrinaire than the Christians they lampoon. While commies want to talk about every imagined crime of Capitalism and Christianity they want to remove their recent crimes from the conversation. They attempt this by outright denial of reality and logic by Ren's flunky or by shell game claims like those of Ren claiming that Trotsky is somehow divorced from his own history. This is akin to claiming Hitler had nothing to do with the Holocaust

Sorry, but what you have witnessed is a different type of Holocaust denial. Those who claim that deaths of 100,000,000 and climbing are on a par with Holocaust deniers. Would any of us accept or entertain similar claims from Nazis? I would hope that rational thought and logic would lead the rest of us to reject that.

I also want to point out that commies like to point to the crimes against Indians as Christian. In fact Indians are frequently very religious Christians and do no harbor such absurd thoughts. Junglemom knows hundreds of religious Indians deprived of her family's ministry and help by a Communist tryant who oppresses the same Indians. Dr Yeagley has a Ivy league PHD in Divinity
and is certainly not anti Christian. One can sit at Bad Eagle and see almost no anti Christianity except for the odd Commie passing by. The crimes against Indians belong to Indians who can speak for themselves and do not need self appointed elites talking in their name.

Commies have a mania about Indian Christians. Commies portray "Black Churches" especially communist Black liberation fronts as the bedrock of their community. Yet they turn around and claim some type of imperalism or ethnocide on the same concept involving Indians.

The truth is that communists can not withstand any real look at their own history so they must resort to the following techniques.

1 All previous communisms had nothing to do with version 2.0
2 Form grand alliances with nazis (LWB) anarchist freaks (Gambone) and oddly Kahanists. Kahanists are more worried about Messianic Jews than Commies who form alliances with Jihadists, Nazis and demonize Jews via frequent word games.
3 Claim that nobody is a communist. Mugabe is and will always be a communist. Kim Jong Ill is a communist. Hugo is a cocaine abusing communist lusting for more power.
4 I do not understand the logic
5 Rationalization of the crimes. Does anyone here call themselves a Shermanist, Francophile (Franco not France) or claim Pinochet as the messiah?
6 Legalisms claiming class genocide is different from eugenic killings
7 Blaming butchery on individuals like Stalin, Mao.
8 All foes of communism are Joooos er Zionisist agitators except for Kahanists who are marshmellows when it comes to communists.

Sorry I will stick with the founding fathers and genuine Christians (not the BS Marxist peversions of liberation theology) over Marxist morons any day.


Anonymous said...

When was the last time Christian missionaries were ever convicted of supplying arms and ammunition to enemy combatants ... now name a commie group that wouldn't do so at the drop of a hat.

Jungle Mom said...

What gives me the biggest laugh about all this is that I am a product of Christian Indian ministry myself. I have a long heritage of Cherokee Baptist preachers behind me, all whom served their communities, and I am merely continuing their example as a follower of Christ.

Indians are very spiritual people and many of their ancient lore is in line with Christianity...why is this? Because God loves all people equally and reveals Himself to them as He will. Indians are mostly responsive to the Biblical teachings.

The Merry Widow said...

JM-At one time, ALL people knew the thruth...some remembered better!
Have you ever read Alexander Hislop's book, "The Two Babylons"? It is free online, will send you the link if you are interested.
He did a lot of digging into what went on in Nimrod's day, and how everything got turned upside down.
Massive footnotes!
FJ-Unfortunately, missionaries DO get accused of being; spies, gun runners, etc., seems that dictators and thugs cannot understand altruism, and they most definitely don't know anything about agape love!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Jungle Mom said...

Hey, I was accused of mining uranium! Never proven, though. A missionary friend was jailed in Venezuela because he had a pair of camouflages pants, which he used for hunting with the Indians. These were said to prove he was US military. They were purchased from a hunting catalog!

Anonymous said...

People do seem prone to "project" their own morals and intentions onto others... even in light of all the good works and deeds missionaries accomplish without the expedient help of Kratos and Bias (Force & Violence) and Haephestus (Human invention).

Every true Prometheus binds his followers with adamantine bonds. Binding people in the other manner drives them to discover a means of escape... the more the presence of Kratos and Bias being felt... the more quickly the means of escape devised.

The missionaries have always used admantine... and therefore their limited presence will always have a more "permanent/lasting" impact then that made possible by the armed presence of the caudillo de jour.