Saturday, June 07, 2008

Beak on Christianiy Messianic Jews and Communities

I am a non Christian, but I proudly live in a society that is the product of Western Civilization. I enjoy the freedoms and benefits that stem from being a person living in such a locale. My view is influenced by Prof Alvin Schmidt whose books describe the influence of Christianity and Islam on their respective developing societies.Unfortunately, along our path to the present my people the Jews have often been mistreated along the way. The far left version of ignoring similar abuses under Islam or rationalizing them with European behavior is false logic.

Yet for me to ignore the products of living in a society founded largely on Christian principles would make me a hypocrite. Similarly, for me to ignore the wonderful work done in communities by missionaries and organizations who dedicate their lives to the poor as part of their calling would be like being an ostrich. Churches perform wonders at the local level. My points specifically ignore the liberation theology crew as a mutation of true Christianity. Above all true Christianity is a life affirming faith that does not condone class genocide, theft of property and elevation of a great leader into a deity.

Messianic Jews in my view are originalists who seek to get back to the basics. The original context of Jesus/Yeshua was as a culmination of the Judaic prophecies and not distinct from it.
It is entirely absurd for me to condemn people who seek a return to the faith via a return to its
original form, nor do I look down upon Jews who seek this path.

There are many things wrong with Kahanists. However, the ultimate hypocrisy of embracing communists who peddle Classic populist anti-semitism while pushing away our brothers and sisters is disgusting. Thus the Kahanists will entertain a person who calls Hezbollah "reformist" and rationalizes killing of Jews and populist Anti-semitism while pushing away Christians.

I do consider messianic Jews to be my brothers and sisters. That being said I am not about to join and prefer to remain as is.


Papa Frank said...

Amen!!! I respect and admire you more and more every day. Peace, my friend.

Anonymous said...

I'm no longer a Christian, beakerkin, but I, too admire their accomplishments and their willingness to let others settle their own minds w/o compulsion OR penalty.

beakerkin said...

Thank you Mr Frank.

FJ as a non Christian who benefits from the bounty created on the building blocks of the faith I have a deep respect for the faith. I am greatly saddened by the peversion of Marxism within some churches.

A true Christian serves the poor and the needy as a calling. The far left abuses the poor and the needy in their lust for power.

The joy of Christianity is on the community level. I contrast the clean cut Christian youth with the unwashed self absorbed hateful commie types.

The Merry Widow said...

We do tend to be involved in our communities, both Christian and with our neighbors.
Nanc has a pre-review of a book she's about to read, "Makers And Takers", same author who did the expose of liberal hypocrisy.
You might be interested.
Says good things about conservatives too!

And the Judeo/Christian culture tends to value all citizens as being of equal worth. And acknowledging the fact that we have to answer to Someone greater than we are, keeps us on our toes! ;-}

Jungle Mom said...

I appreciate that you consider Messianic Jews to be your brethren, they take a lot of heat form their own people.