Tuesday, June 24, 2008

End Ostructionism via Green Goons

Hopefully this election will be the end of the crypto Green/Communist obstruction on energy.
The United States needs to drill everywhere and use coal gasification and oil shale. The jobs that are created pay well above average and we shoud keep them here.

The biofuel debacle has merely raised the price of food to those who can least afford it. Greens are not known for their compassion to humans. One can find plenty of Malthus in some of their writings.

Greens are former commies who often make zero attempt to conceal their communism like Norman "Maoist" Finkelstein or Joel "Insane" Kovel. The idea remains the same as commie seek to control your life via another scam. It is the same routine with a bunch of so called elites deciding who does what in the name of mother earth.


Ducky's here said...

Do we have the water resources to use oil shale? It's currently being done in Canada but this is very resource intensive.

Why no nuclear? It would help much sooner than the pipe dream of coal gasification.

Why not a solar program like Germany's? That creates quite a few long term good paying jobs in manufacturing and research.

No conservation? Typical of your short sightedness.

No regulation of the commodity speculators? Reports in Congress are attributing a significant cost to these speculators. But Beak enjoys transferring his wealth upward.

Your site has devolved into its usual doctrinaire silliness, Beak. Why not try something different. Poll your readers on what changes they may make to their diets due to food price increases and whether these changes offer a health benefit. Something fun.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Beak, tell us your thoughts on the new light bulbs.

Always On Watch said...

Aren't the new light bulbs quite dangerous when they break?

Steve Harkonnen said...

There's supposed to be mercury in them, but hey, I used to play with mercury on a desk at school in science class. I don't think it's enough mercury to do as much damage as we're led to believe. I do know this: if I ever broke one of them, I know now how to clean it up, but I dare never tell the wife! She'd be out the door and wouldn't come back until the Chernobyl cleanup team arrives.

FJ said...

Ducky... how 'bout ALL THE ABOVE so as not to have ALL our energy eggs invested in some "immaculate" non pollutiong and perfect energy source of the future that always remains in the future.

Always On Watch said...

I remember playing with mercury as you described. I'm still here, too.