Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Communist Authenticity Game

Noted Communist clown Retrograde Eye has proclaimed Jews are on the left. Thus in one week he has claimed I am a liberal and now on the far right. His feeble mind has not deduced that Rudy types are very much mainstream moderates.

Commies like to play the authenticity game with various groups. They ignore that those Jews who practice the religion tend to vote Republican. Moreover, continued anti-semitic idiocy and rationalization of Jihadi terror has moved even leftist types like Drummater into positions almost identical to my own.

Moreover, commies tend to ignore the reality of what they are. A person like Rob Bayn is a Democrat. He is proud off his own country and has nothing to do with communism. Sadly the leadership of the Democratic party has encouraged people who do not belong there into the party. Pro America social liberals have left the Democratic party long ago and formed the Rudy wing of the Republican party.

Commies like to hold up a minority of kooks called Neturai Karta as representative of religious Jews. They also try the bait and switch game by trying to claim fellow communists such as Maoist Norman Finkelstein or Joel "Illucid" Kovel are somehow represntative of Jews. They do
this with Blacks claiming that Blacks who love their country and try to make a dollar like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Larry Elder, Leshawn Barber are Uncle Toms. They also do this with
Native American patriot David Yeagley.

Communists are not the arbiters of ethnic authenticity. Jews have known what and who we are long before the cult of class genocide was in its current form. We will also know who we long after communism has been placed in history's outhouse of wacky leftist ideas such as Nazism, the Confederacy and Eugenics.


Ducky's here said...

If Jews are on the left, how do you explain Lieberman (R - Tel Aviv) the well known traitor whose allegiance is to a foreign government.

The Merry Widow said...

ducky-He's an independent, last time I looked.
And since Israel is the only functional democracy in the rgion, you think maybe we have more in common with them than, oh, say, Syria?


Ducky's here said...

Shouldn't American foreign policy be conducted in service of American interests?

Anonymous said...

Tell that to Nancy Pelosi and Jimmy Carter.