Monday, June 23, 2008

The H1B debate

Todays Frontpage Magazine has an article commenting on the H1B program. H1B is the skilled workers program that is the basically a guest worker program.

Much of the problem with immigration is the outdated family basis of immigration. In the 1920 we could assume your son from country x could find a job and make a living. This assumption is no longer acceptable and crowds the unskilled labor market. There is nothing wrong with a HS drop out learning to install roll down store gates or sprinklers.

H1B visas are frequently awarded to foreign employees of the same company with contracts in the USA. If company x is awarded a contract in Iowa then it should be permitted to bring some of its own employees.

The critique of the H1b program does not recognize the reality that we compete in a global market and US companies should be permitted within reason to hire the best and brightest available. The article does note that 20,000 jobs are reserved for people with advanced degrees from US Universities.

I also want to point out that the vaunted numbers do not count job in higher education or in research/non proffits. Are we as a country better off that person X is being paid well below scale
to do medical research? Are Universities abusing this program and creating two tiered second class employees?

The questions are larger than the article presents.

H1B and the L visas are vital parts of assuring American companies remain competitive into the future. Many of the critics of this program do not understand that the software industry has evolved into a series of short term assignments that may or may not cross may frequently cross many borders.

Indian Universities are also not abused as a jobs program for unemployable commies like Bill Ayers and Angela Davis. Their students take more classes and somehow do the jobs without ever wasting time reading Marx, Fanon, Chomsky or Menchu. Even students in Iran take one or two classes on Islam and focus on their major. The communist featherbedding drives not only drives leaves the students unprepared to compete it saddles them with extra student loans for worthless classes that are superfluous.

We need to recognize that the IT industry and business in general is done differently than in 1920. We can argue if this is better or worse but we can not turn back the clock.

Beamish in 08

Renegade Eye claims I have turned him into a straw man. Communists are domestic animals and any comparison to straw men is an insult to straw men everywhere. No doubt farmer John will point out domestic animals also have nobility a feature commies lack. Commies can't even be compared to fecal matter in that fecal matter also has its uses. Straw men also have more spine than commies who frequently starve people to death to liberate them.

Commies like Ren excel only in lies, hypocrisy, deception, treason, bigotry and subversion. Ronald Reagan use to say scratch a commie and you will smell fear, but my experiences it is ignorance and bigotry.


Ducky's here said...

Just what we need. A program to bring in more foreign workers to undercut wages.

Steve Harkonnen said...

To hell with "programs."

All that needs to be done is round all of them up, put them into temporary concentration camps, put their asses to work for six months, slave labor, no pay because they owe us, big time, and then send their asses packing back home using government contracted Greyhound buses.

If they drop babies here, remove the mother and the baby, and put them on the bus. Remove the "anchor baby" rule. Foreign illegal babies do us no good here in America until they turn 8, where we can use them in factories (but only where food is not processed).

Next, permanently remove business licenses from greedy employers who hire illegal aliens and have them work for a buck an hour.

Those steps alone would suddenly halt the migrations of vermin onto American soil. WHY IS THIS NOT BEING DONE?

We'd also be able to eat tomatoes again without worrying about third worlders who do not wash their hands.

Harkonnen 08

FJ said...

Commies do provide a good example of what NOT to do... ;-)

Beamish said...

Annex Canada. Annex Mexico. Annex Africa... Europe... Asia, Australia and South America.

The whole world can be Americans without leaving their houses.

We can live in the "rich part" of Planet America.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Annexing Africa is pushin' it, Beam.

But, you've got me thinking on the annexation idea on Mexico.

Moan. My brother in law married an illegal immigrant on Saturday up in Northern VA. I couldn't bear attending, but I saw the pictures. The girl is brutally ugly. She looks like a man in drag and her hands are bigger than his.

Hairier, too.

I could be a complete bastage and blog the photos, but my ol lady would nail me to the tree of woe.