Thursday, May 15, 2008

Moonbat Leftist Comments

From the Daily Communist er Kos Hat tip Front Page Magazine

According to a Kos diarist with a low IQ Israel asassinated JFK. In actuality JFK was killed by a commie and RFK was killed by a Palestinian. Obviously some idiots at the KOS will be claiming
that John Wilkes Booth was a crypto zionist neocon next. Do these people ever open books between bong hits. This person is obviously trying to get a job in the linguistics department at MIT where professors wax about phantom US-Nazi alliances while ignoring genuine Soviet- Nazi

Renegade Eye has declared that " Farc is not a terrorist group. ". Ren claims that a group that hold territory and has rank is not terrorist. His definition would include Al Queda as it also has rank and has territory. What part of random kidnappings, murder and drug pushing in the name of communism does the clueless one miss. The far leftists noobs in the State Department prominently list Farc as a terrorist group.

Graeme Striecher lectures Junglemom about the sanitary habits of people she lived with. How does a pot head in Fargo know more about Venezuelan Indians than a person who invested many years to serving that community. Obviously, Graeme Striecher who denigrates an entire community alaJulius Striecher learned all he needed to know about life from reading High Times and watching Bill and Ted films.

More on Indians

On Troutsky's site Ren attempts to use philosophical rhetoric to rationalize the crimes of the Sandinazis against the Indians. I want to point out a profound difference between the Duck and Ren and company. The Duck has not ever denied rationalized these crimes. Moreover, to do so is on a par with Holocaust denial.

Commies like to play a game that US history is to be placed under a microscope. Thus the real crimes in our history against Indians are part of the overall history of America. I do not deny these crimes, nor do I rationalize them. I also do not claim that Indians lived lives similar to Mazzola commercials. They lived hard lives and had their own cultural maladies, none of which excuse the subsequent crimes. However if Commies want to pass judgement on the USA circa 1880 than their own record 1980 is open to similar inspection. Moreover, we can add the abuse of entire indigenous ethnic groups such as the Hmong and Soviet examples as well.

Ren states look Ortega is popular. Hitler was very popular but commited crimes against humanity. Stalin and Mao had their fans and also were genocidal. The question of what did the left do while this butchery was taking place. Commies held tea parties for the Sandinazis while the Indians died. Even Ward Churchill and Russel Means did not stand by and took up arms against the Sandinazis.

The whole episode shows how Commies piss on genuine indigenous people such as these Indians
and various other groups such as Hmong while venerating contrived ethnic groups. We could also reprint the hateful anti Tibetian comments from those familiar blogs. The episode indicates Holocaust denial of another sort and the centrality of anti-semitism to communist machinations.


Beamish said...

Ren claims that a group that hold territory and has rank is not terrorist.

That's just bizarre.

Unless of course he means to say those that eschew private property and seek a classless social utopia are terrorists. That makes sense actually.

The Pagan Temple said...

"Obviously some idiots at the KOS will be claiming
that John Wilkes Booth was a crypto zionist neocon next".

I don't know about KOS, but the Klan does say that. According to them, Booth was an agent of the Rothschildes.