Saturday, May 03, 2008

Life is the Ultimate Teacher

I want to point out the joy of being a NYer is the ability to adapt and move past yourself. I can be in Russian, Polish, Guyanes, Columbian enclave all in the same day. I'll never forget the days after 9-11 there were American flags in all the working class locales. When I returned to my Union Square locale they were gone. Here in the upper class locale patriotism is passe.

I love my country and sadly it is the idiots in my locale who get it wrong. They spend weeks in France but they have no clue about Kansas or even Uptown. I will never forget a Hillary supporter
lecturing me about the inner city. At the time I worked with people who lived there and her sole contact was a poorly paid cleaning woman.

Each and every day I see people going through great hardship to join our family that these elitists take for granted. The elites need to spend more time Uptown and in the heartland.

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Justin said...

Unfortunately a lot of America has forgotten what it has to be truely proud of thanks mainly to the left.

BTW Beak: I want to let you know I truely enjoyed having you on the program last night and look forward to talking with you more in the future.