Thursday, April 04, 2013

The UCU and the Old South

I am a member of a union and took part in a recent election to highlight the issues of work place bullying and age discrimination in our local. While running for office, I did notice how through manipulation of rules all of the candidates in a preapproved clique won. Now all of the people I voted for except one won. The point is not to highlight injustice, but describe how small bands of local activists manipulate the rules and use resources to its advantage.

A small band of Marxist thugs have been abusing an institution created to collectively bargain and protect workers rights. They are not content with abusing their positions to promote these extreme political agendas, they need to subvert the union as well as the classroom.

The union picks a Kangaroo court tribunal to hear complaints. By now we should be familiar with the workings of these Communist committees handling of rape complaints. In a similar shocking development  that reeks of jury nullification in the old South the Marxists hacks whitewash complaints about antisemitism and complain the complainant is a "political activist".

The Marxist Clown Academics are not just content to do the jobs they were hired to do. They bring their political rants into the classroom in subjects where they don't belong. They hold scores of little Stalinite type of show trial rants, under the false guise of academic freedom, and need to subvert an organization that was created to protect workers rights into a tool for Marxist political hacks.

The answer to this is fairly simple. Shift gears and drain the swamp start public campaigns to cut the budget in higher ed to the bone. If political activists want to voice their opinions let them do so on their dime not in Unions or in the classroom.

The hiring practices that permit a exponentially disproportionate number of Marxists, Anarchists must also be scrutinized. If Marxists insist that numerical absence is evidence of discrimination in racial cases, then the exponential over representation of Marxists in University hires must also be addressed on the same grounds.

Lets also not pretend that the research outside of the hard sciences adds anything. Elimination of the research excuse for 90% of the humanities and increasing classroom time is in order. Any University that accepts taxpayer money should be forced to open its syllabus and course outlines to the public.

Anyone familiar with Communist show trials could have predicted this finding. It is similar to the findings of imaginary conspiracies in the Stalin era or jury nullification in the old South. Members of the
union should be greeted with a Nazi Salute and addressed as Cumwad. You would be shocked at how many academics sing different tunes when they leave their Academic Gulags. Suddenly they shift tunes
and feign outrage.

The days of wine and roses in the gulags of academia are winding down. High salaries for worthless degrees taught by hackivists is going to yield to internet alternatives. The Marxist hack tribunals are akin to the last gathering of lemmings before they run off a cliff.  


Ducky's here said...

Is there a coherent statement in there?

Seems to be something about a union that didn't take your claims of coworkers objecting to a steady stream of surf music seriously and your old rant about blaming professors for your college failures.

beakerkin said...

The job of a Union is to protect workers rights and negotiate labor conditions. It was not created to vent foreign policy views of political cults.

This case is a classic example of why Marxists should not belong in any organizations. Basically, the union is now a communist front group.

beamish said...

Unions have ALWAYS been "communist front groups."

Your mistake was in actually believing they are there to protect workers rights and negotiate labor conditions.