Monday, April 01, 2013

Obama and Affirmative Action

There are those who continue to believe that Obama is brilliant. We have zero evidence of this brilliance 
as Obama's grades and history as a Professor is kept under greater security then the Secret of Coca Cola. We can't evaluate Obama's peer reviewed articles because he did not write a single one in twelve years but somehow maintained his job.

Obama shows the stupidity of the affirmative action scams. The program was intended to right the historic wrongs created by slavery and discrimination against blacks. Obama's sole tie to slavery in America was his mothers family owned them. Even General Powell whose family was West Indian at least had some family history with relationship to slavery in the Americas. Powell's family lived in Harlem and the South Bronx. At the time Powell's family lived in the South Bronx it was lower middle class. Condi Rice lived in the deep South and experienced actual discrimination although her family moved to Denver when she was a teen. Her family was upper middle class, but racial bigotry was a fact of life in Birmingham Al.

Barak Obama was the son of a flaky hippie chick. There is no evidence that Barak Obama Sr ever married Stanley Dunham. Professional investigators have looked for the marriage certificate, witnesses to the event, photos or even people who knew Barak Obama Sr and Dunham were a couple. There are some that suggest he might not even be the father of Barak Obama. It is abundantly clear from Obama
Sr's A File ( Immigration Record) available on the web that Dunham was claiming to be married to Obama Sr and that the child in question was called Barak Obama II not Jr. ( This is not endorsement of 
birtherism). One would expect Dunham to file a Petition for Alien relative for her husband. However, the government was well aware of Obama Sr's wife in Kenya and would have promptly enforced the laws and tossed him out of the USA. According to Obama mythology Dunham divorced Obama Sr when she found out about the other wife. Actually, it was more likely the entire marriage was a cover for an illegitimate birth and a paint by number divorce ended the union.

Obama was raised by Upper Middle class far left grandparents in Hawaii. He attended more prep schools and smoked more pot then Al Gore. His experiences with real discrimination were likely less then what your average fat kid or zit face endured. He spent his time solving imaginary crimes in the mystery van with the Choom Gang. He goes to one college admittedly did badly and mysteriously gets into more elite Universities. This is explained via a combination of nepotism and affirmative action.

Obama basically parrots the angry Black man mantra. What he is angry about is unknown as unlike Condi Rice or Powell he has not experienced actual bigotry and lived comfortably. However, he merely
acts the part the far left University hacks imagine and is rewarded. He then reinvents himself as a post racial healer and runs for President while attending a racist church. No real examination of his life is ever taken by the media who spread the myth.

The left points to Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas as beneficiaries of Affirmative action. Any look at 
their bios shows that they were precisely the type of people the programs were intended to benefit. They were descended from actual slaves and experienced actual discrimination unlike Obama. Thomas
has pointed to the difficulties he experienced in people assuming his Law School degree and grades were the results of Affirmative Action.

It is time this program ends and if Universities want to give students from poorer families a slight advantage this is acceptable. There is no reason the children of Barak Obama should get an advantage over the children of a resturant worker whose family was in China at the time of slavery. There is also  
zero need for gender norming set asides to be continued. The benefits awarded to veterans are earned and should be extended to first responders. Law schools would greatly benefit from the presence of older students who enforced laws.


Always On Watch said...

Obama basically parrots the angry Black man mantra.

Yesterday, a friend mentioned this book to me: The Obama Confession: Secret Fear. Secret Fury.

Do you know anything about the above book?

Always On Watch said...

I find this puzzling and impossible to explain:

Obama's grades and history as a Professor is kept under greater security then the Secret of Coca Cola.

Were are the leaks?

Has any POTUS ever before been able to keep such records secret?

Ducky's here said...

Thomas has pointed to the difficulties he experienced in people assuming his Law School degree and grades were the results of Affirmative Action.
Thomas is a vile, sour little puke who thinks people see him as a useless mediocrity because of an assumption of affirmative action rather than the fact that he is a useless mediocre hack.

He has no function on the court beyond running out to Starbucks to get Scalia a double decaf latté.

Condo Rice is no better. A hack who was admitted to the graduate school because her father was dean of minority affairs. She has accomplished nothing and her claim to fame was conning fringe right wing bed wetters like yourself that Saddam had an group of advanced spec-ops who were going to night drop and plant dirty bombs all over the U.S.
The stiffs claim to fame was having more shoes than Imelda Marcos. A perfect right wing affirmative action figure.

Powell was a piece of scum who participated in the My Lai coverup and we all know that he lied through his teeth to the U.N. but had the fringe right diaper pissers fretting about Saddam's "Mobile Labs of Death".

Quit a line up. Ass Herman Cain for the four bagger.

beakerkin said...


Obama has been dancing to your communist angry Black man bit until it became a liability. He has experienced
no real discrimination unlike the others you name.