Saturday, March 30, 2013

Finished All 58 Episodes of Tour of Duty.

The show needs to be viewed in its historical context. At the time when the show was on TV the portrayal of Vietnam Veterans was largely a product of media elites bashing their betters. As a young kid one was familiar with the anti war rhetoric on All in the Family and MASH. 

The show is excellent viewing even 20 years later. Some of the second season story lines were a drag.
Lee Majors does an excellent job as a tired old cynical soldier. Carl Weathers really captivates the audience in the last season.

One thing the series did not do is really discus the disgusting behavior of the self absorbed so called Peace Protesters. If anyone was left useless and caught up in time it was the treasonous, self absorbed hypocritical protesters whose wasted useless lives are summed up with I did a lot of drugs and aided Communist butchers. The truth is the freak protesters are more caught in their time warp of loserdom then the men who served with honor. 

You can find these jerks spinning lies 40 years later at OWS camps and at every Communist front gathering. They spin fiction and pretend they were noble. However, it is quite different for them to spin their tales to people of my generation. Unlike the kids of today my generation was there and we know exactly who the heroes were and it was not the drug abusing protesters.

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